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CITY: Bilbao

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BIEMH elevates the manufacturing industry by leveraging the latest innovations in smart production, integrated systems and digitalisation. The international trade fair returns to Bilbao, Spain coming May 25th as 1000 exhibitors are going to be filling the exhibition halls with the best and latest technologies until May 29th. It’s your chance to add your contribution to the scene and gain recognition as you network with the brightest minds in the industry. Book your business travel accommodation without worrying about prices. Travel 2 Fairs ltd delivers a bespoke online hotel reservation for trade fairs tailored to fit your budget.

Book hotels close to the BEC in a single business day! This is what T2F promises to you – a swift service! You consult with our team on all the specifics – price, number of rooms, star rank and location. Using your data, we compile a custom list with offers that give you the strategic edge and cut down on your expenses. BIEMH serves as a major launch pad for introducing the latest generation of electrical and electronic equipment, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, and tooling for machine-tools. Bask in the spotlight with a well-timed product launch and research potential new markets.