CITY: Istanbul

Upcoming Dates

LOGITRANS 2019 casts its nets wide when it comes to trends, optimization and advancements in logistic solutions and transport logistics on a global scale. Join more than 220 fellow exhibitors in Istanbul, Turkey for a packed program filled with technology displays and talks. Activities run for three days from November 13th through to November 15th and organizers are preparing the space for an audience of around 15,000 trade visitors. Anticipate the demand for hotels in Istanbul and seek out your own solutions for an online hotel reservation for trade fairs with Travel 2 Fairs ltd. We are here to make business travel affordable.

LOGITRANS 2019 is the go-to place to survey the entire state of the value chain and industry as display categories span commercial vehicle accessories, forklifts, software, spare parts, storage systems, trailers, trucks, intralogistics, materials flow, auto ID, packaging, warehouse management systems and storage machinery. In whatever capacity you’re attending the international trade fair, you need a soft bed at the end of the day. Travel 2 Fairs ltd identifies the hotels that offer value for your specific budget. Aside from making savings, we also look to position you close to the venue and cut down on your daily commuting.