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Influence how the global transport & logistics industries are going forward under the push for eco-conscience, sustainability and demands for optimization. LOGISTIK AND TRANSPORT is where you should be heading, where high-ranking representatives of the transport industry will be present. The international trade fair is bound to draw in a select crowd of professionals from companies, suppliers and service providers. Get your business travel planning kicked off with a phone call to Travel 2 Fairs ltd. We’ll advise you on the hotels in worth your attention.

Travel 2 Fairs takes the lengthy process behind securing an online hotel reservation for trade fairs and shortens it to a single day and one phone consultation. You talk to our team about how many people are travelling with you, your preference in location in Gothenburg, and the budget you’re working it. Now you’re attending LOGISTIK AND TRANSPORT under the best conditions. The trade fair focuses on fostering business relationships, observe market shifts and strengthen all international positions. You can also stand to visit the conference that’s going to tackle the most talked about innovations and challenges for land, air and water logistics.