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Based in Verona, Italy, Model Expo Italy has quickly risen to the top as the number one show for modelling and hobbies in Italy and the international trade fair has successfully managed to expand its influence to the rest of Europe. The halls of Veronafiere line up with enthusiastic modelers, makers, enthusiasts, collectors, cosplayers and gamers who want to not just buy new merch, kits and models, but also immerse themselves in the game and hobby culture. Model Expo Italy has the entire value chain organised around 7 thematic halls: model cars, model aircraft, static models, model railways, model boats, site machinery models and a special area.

  • Model Expo Italy is the perfect marketplace to showcase your products, because you’ll be surrounded by eager buyers. Editions register an audience of over 70,000 visitors and just over 500 exhibitors, which is a very favorable ratio;
  • Fun fact about Model Expo Italy is that it’s the single trade fair with the largest indoor pool in Europe and it’s used as a tank to showcase the capabilities of the next generation of boats and submarines;
    • Although the focus is to move product and increase direct sales, Model Expo Italy offers a dynamic program with roughly 200 events. These run from interactive workshops and competitions up to elaborate cosplay shows.

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