COUNTRY: Germany
CITY: Nuremberg

Upcoming Dates

Engineer better communities in the future by adding your services, findings and practices in the fields of public administration at KOMMUNALE 2019. The international trade fair addresses the most pressing municipal needs with the participation of 300 exhibitors and counting in Nurnberg, Germany. You can expect the upcoming edition to be held between October 16th and October 17th, where attendance is estimated to exceed 5000 trade visitors, members of industry, commerce and government. Plan your business travel ahead and have Travel 2 Fairs ltd take charge of your stay. It’s with us that you’ll discover the benefits of bespoke hotel accommodation for trade fairs.

Travel 2 Fairs ltd understands the underlying challenges in going anywhere on business. There is the cost of hotel rooms, not to mention the difficulty in researching availability and locations in an unfamiliar city. In selecting hotels for KOMMUNALE 2019, we strive to find properties in close proximity to the exhibition centre and with connections to the underground. Our main concern is to reduce your spending. Invest your finances at KOMMUNALE 2019, which is the launch pad for cutting-edge innovations in e-government, GIS software, horticultural products, hydrants, road construction products, office equipment, playground equipment, safety clothing, safety equipment, software utility and sports equipment.