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Location: USA , Orlando
Organizer: Inmerge Inc

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ENC performs a crucial role in the scientific and technological circles. It’s where over the last half century, some of the most brilliant minds of chemistry and life science have given talks, read their papers and introduced revolutionary ideas. The international conference covers varied subjects from nuclear magnetic resonance to biomolecular dynamics. Don’t be late to secure your hotel booking online and seek out the best deals with Travel 2 Fairs ltd.

The choice in hotels has a profound effect on how you experience ENC. It’s best to book hotels that position you close to the conference centre. This way you reduce the commute and surround yourself with fellow colleagues. Travel 2 Fairs ltd simplifies the search for business travel accommodation and supplies you with affordable, attractive hotel deals in a single day. Your budget will thank you for using our services and now you can focus on the programming at ENC , which is quite varied. Topics include disorder in proteins, experimental MRI, metabolomics, tutorial sessions, biomolecular structure and function, computation and so much more!

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