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COUNTRY: Germany
CITY: Munich

Upcoming Dates

!!! Important !!! The 2020 edition of Analytica has been officially postponed for October by the organisers due to coronavirus. NEW dates are announced: 19. - 22. October 2020

At the core of Analytica is the mission to push the envelope when it comes to laboratory technology, biotechnology and analysis. The international trade fair owes its success to the highest concentration of exhibitors who continuously pioneer solutions and technologies. Editions are held at a frequency of two years at Munich, Germany and the product spectrum is certainly impressive. Trade visitors can discover solutions in industrial health and safety, food analysis, automation, ecological analysis, quality control, research and development. Exhibitors favour the fair, because:

  • They gain access to a professional audience that numbers over 35,626 global visitors;
  • There is a practical aspect to the program thanks to the Live Labs feature that consists of the Food Analysis and Material Analysis Labs;
  • All editions bring in fresh new talent ready to be scouted at the Job Days;
  • The brand is strong enough to have successful offshoots in China, India and Vietnam.

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