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Covid-19 Event Update

The 2022 edition of Maimarkt Mannheim will be hosted between the dates of 30.04.2022 and 10.05.2022. The hosting venue for the event will be the Maimarkt area or Maimarktgelände in Mannheim. The edition will be hosted as a face-to-face exhibition, with the hosting location featuring the latest Covid-19 prevention measures. Such measures will include safeguards such as social distancing, mandatory face masks and the 3G entry policy. Attendees will be required to show before entry documents such as negative test results. They must also present such papers when entering the country due to the implemented travel restrictions. 

Maimarkt Mannheim – A Brief Introduction

Maimarkt Mannheim has been successfully running since 1613 and is today regarded as the heart of regional economy in Mannheim, Germany. This annual market keeps its focus wide as it strives to meet all the needs of the region’s community and visitors are able to discover just about every single product or service at the market. All this is spread over a massive open-air area and 47 halls and during the 11 days it runs, Maimarkt Mannheim registers attendance of 340,000 visitors as a whole. What’s drawing them in? That would be the 1400 exhibitors, who showcase over 20,000 products.

An Industry Profile

We’ve touched upon the great variety of products on offer, so let’s give examples. Here are some of the items and services you can purchase at Maimarkt Mannheim - office communication, motor vehicles, prefabricated houses, cosmetics, craft services, decorative items, bicycles, building materials, appliances and tools, massage equipment, mobile homes, musical instruments, personal care products, plants, sporting goods, and home and office furniture. As you can see there’s just about anything for anyone, which is the target audience. Maimarkt Mannheim welcomes anyone and everyone equally. Alongside trade visitors from a lot of industries, there’s also a great influx of the general public, in particular families with children.

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