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COUNTRY: Netherlands
CITY: Maastricht

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Going strong for over 30 years, TEFAF has been the go-to international trade fair for the art and antiques circles and it’s easy to see why since last addition attracted 275 most respected and celebrated galleries from around the world. Organizers are anticipating a turnout of over 71,000 visitors from all levels in the art world. Don’t miss out to get your eyes on the most prized objects of art and book your stay today. Travel 2 Fairs takes charge of your business travel arrangements!

TEFAF admits only vendors and galleries of the highest pedigree as every exhibitor goes through a thorough vetting process. Displays features a variety of medium: paintings, photographs, sculptures, illustrations, antiques and jewellery. The fair also publishes the influential TEFAF Art Market Report that distills all the trends and process on a global level to a structured text.Travel 2 Fairs ltd handles the hotel accommodation for trade fairs so you can focus your resources on the fair. Give us your price range and specification and we’ll deliver hotels for TEFAF that save you the most and place you closest to the venue.