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(12 March 2022 - 20 March 2022 )
Venue: Maastricht MECC
Location: Netherlands , Maastricht

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Covid-19 Update

Amsterdam, The Netherlands- May 19, 2021

TEFAF 2021 Edition will be in online format. The event will occur between September 9th and September 13th. The international art and antiques fair’s 2022 edition will be hybrid. It will take place hosted between the 10th and 20th of March. The 2022 edition of the event take place at Maastricht Exhibition & Congress Centre. A thorough COVID-19 prevention plan will be implemented for the hybrid edition.

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Established in 1988, the European Fine Art Fair or TEFAF is the world’s leading fair for fine art and antiques. The event has two editions per year. The first takes place in Maastricht, Netherlands while the second is in New York, USA. The Maastricht edition extends over 7000 years of art history. Meanwhile, the New York edition concentrates on Modern and & Contemporary Art. The fair brings together a wide network of artists, international dealers, and collectors. TEFAF displays museum-quality works of art in every fine art category. This includes antiques, Old Masters, contemporary paintings and others. Each work displayed at the event has undergone a rigorous vetting procedure. The fair is among Maastricht’s leading ones. The fair takes place at the city’s premier venue known as the MECC.

Business profile of the event

TEFAF attracts many specialists from the art & antiques sector. Such include artists looking for inspiration or to gain recognition and art lovers. It also includes connoisseurs and specialists from institutes of fine art. This makes the fair the ideal location for forming new connections. It is also a fair where attendees can further expand their knowledge on fine art. They can achieve this by studying the works and learning more about them. Among the artists and art dealer companies that who have exhibited at the fair are:

  • Adam Williams Fine Art Ltd.
  • Ben Janssens Oriental Art
  • Alain Marcelpoil
  • De Wit Fine Tapestries
  • Charles Beddington Ltd
  • Galerie de la Présidence

What is new for TEFAF 2021?

TEFAF 2021 Edition will be in digital format. The fair will welcome 12 new exhibitors and include new digital features. Each of the event’s exhibitors will present between 1 and 3 works which tell a compelling story. There will also be a set of TEFAF Collection Pages. On these Pages design and art world luminaries will discuss their unique perspectives. The pages will group the works by themes. They will furthermore explain the connections through cultures, periods, perspectives and more.

Did you know?

TEFAF is a leading international fine art and antiques fair with several goals. These include expanding the art knowledge of its attendees. TEFAF also helps artists and dealers by providing an opportunity to gain recognition. It is also a platform for the purchasing of fine works of art.

The fair has a diverse program that it uses to achieve its goals. This includes the TEFAF Program which includes a diverse range of lectures. The Program includes meeting with leading specialists in the global art community. Examples feature key insiders, experts, and museum professionals such as curators. During the meetings, said leading figures reveal important information. This includes important industry insights, experiences, trends, or inspiration.

Besides the Program, the fair provides two other means of expanding knowledge. Such include the TEFAF Talks which consist of hand-selected conversations. The other means is the Meet the Experts section. It allows attendees to listen to recorded narratives about selected masterpieces. There are also the TEFAF Fair tours. Said tours guide listeners through about 7000 years of fine art history. Besides these details the fair will include livestreamed panel discussions. Attendees can also look forward to the Art Market Report. 

Many specialists from the arts and antiques sectors should consider attending. This includes museum and gallery curators, private collectors, and connoisseurs. Designers, and specialists from institutions of higher education should also consider attending. Aspiring artists should look forward to the live panel discussions.

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TEFAF is a fair which lasts for 11 days and takes places at the MECC every year. TEFAF Maastricht organises the event. The opening times for the fair are between 11:00 am and 7:00 pm every day. The MECC is one of Maastricht’s leading venues and has a convenient location. The fairgrounds are close to the airport, city centre, and central station. For example, Maastricht Central Railway Station is 6 minutes by car from the venue. The city centre is likewise 8 minutes away when travelling by taxi or automobile. Maastricht Aachen Airport is 15 minutes from the MECC via the N2 motorway.

The city has railway and motorway connections to locations like Amsterdam. For example, the journey between the city and Maastricht would take 2 hours and 20 minutes. By bus, it would take 2 hours and 35 minutes to get to Maastricht. The city also has an extensive public transport system between its districts. For example, from the city airport to the centre, the bus journey would take 40 minutes. Maastricht has many places to stay during the fair. For instance, the city centre has over 120 hotels and restaurants.

Audience and Statistics

The TEFAF attracts more than 280 exhibitors and around 74000 visitors. Attendees come from 22 countries around the world. Besides the Netherlands, these include Japan, China, France, and Italy. They also include Brazil, Spain, the UK, and the USA. Several branches of the creative industry attend the fair as visitors. These include the Museums, galleries, and libraries branch. Attendees present the Music, performing and visual arts branch and the crafts branch. Other branches present at the fair include architecture, advertising and marketing, and design. Specialists with different functions represent each branch. Examples include curators, gallery owners, artists, and others.

Past Editions 

2020 Edition

The 2020 edition of TEFAF was among the fair's most successful. It saw an increase in the number of exhibitors attending the fair, with a total of 285 participating exhibitors. It was also the first digital edition with attendees having the option to examine works of art such the Court Cabinet of The Dukes of Newcastle, Circa 1594 online. 

2021 Edition

The 2021 edition of TEFAF showcased many exemplary masterpieces and a strong virtual programme for its second virtual edition. The Edition once again featured an invite-only Early Access Day. The exhibition showcased around 700 works from by more than 260 exhibitors. One of the highlights were 16 exemplary works by several world-renowned dealers representing the elegance and splendour of art, jewellery, and designs across all art eras. Among the virtual programme event highlights was the TEFAF Collections. It was the event during professionals and visitors can discover a variety of artworks, presented by some leading names in the art and design world. Among them were Faye Toogood and Amin Jaffer.




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