CITY: Rimini

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ECOMONDO unites manufacturers, engineers and scientists around the mission to reduce the carbon footprint of humanity and reverse ecological harm through the latest energy-efficiency solutions. The main concept at the heart of the international exhibition is energy for the climate and more than 1200 exhibitors are going to be showcasing breakthroughs in renewable energy, recycling and waste management. Now is the best moment to shop for a hotel booking online and Travel 2 Fairs ltd assists you in complete your business travel arrangements in a timely manner.

A word of advice; you better not waste time on your search for hotels, because the event will most likely be attended by over 103,000 trade visitors and many have already started booking their stay. Travel 2 Fairs ltd is quick to create a list with deals that offer great value, connections to public transport and a favorable location. Your budget will thank you! ECOMONDO goes into advancements and research into processing and recycling of all kinds of waste; treating and reclaiming water, waste water and polluted marine sites; and efficient use and transformation of raw and processed materials.