Location: Italy , Bologna
Organizer: Bologna Fiere

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ARTEFIERA 2022 will take place between 13.05.2022 and 15.05.2022 with an invitation-only preview on 12.05.2022. The event will be hosted at the Bologna Fiera in Italy as a face-to-face trade fair. The hosting site will feature the latest Covid-19 prevention measures. This will include safety precautions such as the 3G entry policy, as well as mandatory face-masks and social distancing. Attendees will be asked to show before entry documents such as negative test results. They must also wear face masks in indoor spaces and maintain a social distance of 2 metres at all times. 


Honing its focus on the Italian art scene alongside artistic movements worldwide, ARTEFIERA unveils modern art pieces from celebrated galleries in a single place. The international trade show receives its guests with arms wide open in Bologna, Italy. Come celebrate singular achievements in contemporary art and begin on your business travel arrangements. Travel 2 Fairs ltd gives you an early start on your search for hotels in Bologna and access to premium deals at every price point. You have full control over your stay without having to put in any work.

Hotel accommodation for trade fairs is our specialty and Travel 2 Fairs ltd works with you to reach a golden middle where you shave off expenses, but get quality and value. Our team works with a variety of hotels in central Barcelona, near the exhibition venue and residential quarters. Tell us a price and personal preference. We always position you close to public transport. ARTE FIERA 2020 has a broad genre representation – photography, sculptures and paintings. Be sure to visit the Nueva Vista exhibit curating work from up-and-comers and the Talk Area where conferences and presentations over the course of the program will take place.

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