COUNTRY: Portugal
CITY: Lisbon

Upcoming Dates

FIA LISBOA 2019 embodies the full spirit of multiculturalism as it gives the stage to exhibitors to showcase creative designs and uses of handicrafts techniques, arts and crafts. Lisbon, Portugal welcomes the international trade fair in the summer as the program (filled with cultural and tourist activities) is slated for the week between June 29th and July 7th. As the event is open to the general public, it’s estimated that thousands are going to make their way to the trade fair. If you seek to reach a wide audience, this is the place to do it. Perform even better by having Travel 2 Fairs ltd handle your online hotel reservation for trade fairs.

Dolls, furniture, handicraft equipment, handicraft products, jewelry, jewelry crafts, porcelain,toys, wood, musical instruments, pottery, wood products and wooden furniture are all featured during the trade fair. You have the opportunity to network with fellow professionals, research what are the current market trends and best practices in working with natural materials. Focus on your visit and leave your business travel to Travel 2 Fairs ltd. We choose the right hotels in Lisbon for you – all based on your budget, preferences and proximity to the exhibition venue. It’s easy, simple and takes one work day to achieve!