COUNTRY: Germany
CITY: Berlin

Upcoming Dates

Engineers, computer scientists and economists fresh from completing their higher education have set their eyes on CONNECTICUM 2019, where they can scout for internships, gain insights on a potential job and career path, and hope for lucrative job offers. The international trade fair gives you a real opportunity to scout for fresh talent perfect for your company. All you have to do is get to Berlin, Germany between May 14th and May 16th alongside other 400 exhibitors. To have the best time, you should have a careful look over the hotels in Berlin before booking and Travel 2 Fairs ltd helps you make the right decision!

Imagine being done with your business travel accommodation in a matter of a single work day – Travel 2 Fairs ltd achieves just that. After the initial consultation with you, our team scouts for all offers that are best suited for your budget and most advantageous in location. It’s this bespoke way of handling your online hotel reservation for trade fairs that makes your business trip affordable and all the more successful. CONNECTICUM 2019 combines all the excitement of scouting for new talent for apprenticeships, dissertations, trainee posts and direct entry through one-on-one meetings along with outreach through lectures and talks.