COUNTRY: Germany
CITY: Karlsruhe

Upcoming Dates

It’s high time the education system catches up with technology and how children interact with the world. LEARNTEC 2020 attempts to bridge the gap through the introduction of new trends in the learning and teaching areas as well as through popularizing digital learning. Come to Karlsruhe, Germany to discover the potential of digital schools. You’ll be among over 200 exhibitors, while attendance has been placed to be around 10,000 trade visitors. Position yourself close to the exhibition venue and discover hotels in Karlsruhe at preferential rates through Travel 2 Fairs ltd.

Travel 2 Fairs redefines how business travel works and tailorshotel accommodation for trade fairs according to our clients’ financial ability, preference and taste. We believe it’s possible to travel to any destination on business and not overspend. In our hotel database can be found hotels across every price category and in every location. It’s a matter of matching you with the right deal. You’re able to invest more into LEARNTEC 2020, which delivers an in-depth overview of e-learning products and services over a five-section forum. The entire value chain is represented from the low levels (e-learning content and hardware equipment) to the high levels (knowledge and education management).