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COUNTRY: Netherlands
CITY: Utrecht

!!! Important !!! The 2020 edition of ESEF has been officially cancelled by the organisers due to coronavirus.

Technological innovations are on the agenda at ESEF 2020, which aims to push the boundaries of subcontracting and surface treatment and steer product trends on a global scale. The international exhibition shares the stage with TechniShow between March 17th and March 20rd. Exhibitors will showcase their latest services, equipment and advancements in the supply, outsourcing, product development and engineering sectors. All this is happening in Utrecht, Netherlands. Don’t miss on the great deals for hotels in Utrecht and consult with us on a custom business travel plan that’s going to cost a fraction of what you’d normally pay.

ESEF 2020 has been steadily growing over the years as 3D printing, advanced engineeringand the smart industry evolve at ever faster rates. Now there are more products than ever on display and you have a real sense of the pulse of the overall value chain in real time. You can access buyers from all over the world and participate in exciting product demonstrations. In addition, there is a vibrant support program featuring workshops and informative sessions. T2F allows you to place the focus on the exhibition by planning your entire stay. Your hotel booking online is chosen in order to cut down on your expenses!