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Elmia Subcontractor 2024

(12 November 2024 - 14 November 2024 )
Location: Sweden, Jönköping
Organizer: Elmia Fairs

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Elmia Subcontractor 2024 will occur as a live trade event between the 12th and 14th of November 2024. It will not have coronavirus safeguards because Sweden has removed its pandemic restrictions. It will be hosted in the Elmia Exhibition Centre.


The Elmia Subcontractor Fair is the most extensive manufacturing event in Sweden. It serves as the central meeting hub for subcontractors in the sector. The fair occurs annually at the Elmia Exhibition Centre. The Elmia Subcontractor Fair is a high-profile event with a high level of attendance. For example, one edition received 1,167 exhibitors and 14,291 visitors. 90% of visitors are leading decision-makers searching for new solutions. 78% of the attendants form connections with new providers. The Elmia Subcontractor Fair receives attendants from countries such as Finland, the USA, and China.

About the Elmia Subcontractor Fair

The Elmia Subcontractor allows attendees to complete several important goals. These include providing an opportunity to gain recognition and increase brand awareness. Also, the fair grants a means to generate new leads and establish new connections.

The event completes such business objectives via its extensive event schedule. One of the central sub-events is the comprehensive exhibition. It is where exhibitors can showcase their novelties, manufacturing methods and intelligent materials. This allows them to gain recognition and generate new leads and connections. Also, it enables attendees to secure productivity-increasing buy solutions for their company.

The Elmia Subcontractor Fair contains ample specialised areas and a detailed support programme. Among them is the IoT Arena. It is a dedicated area for showcasing the latest technology and digital solutions. The zone allows various industries to show their solutions to different challenges, such as improving processing efficiency.

Another sub-event of interest is the Subcontractor Connect. It is an event where buyers and suppliers can organise meetings. This allows such groups to create the foundations of future business expansions. It also allows attendees to find new customers within the European market. They can also learn about unprecedented innovative technologies and solutions by exchanging information. The sub-event furthermore enables attendants to gain insight into their competitiveness. Each meeting at the Subcontractor Connect lasts 25 minutes. The sessions can take place in digital format.

The Subcontractor Direct is also among the sub-events of interest. It provides attendees with an opportunity to expand their specialist knowledge. They can attend diverse interviews, panel meetings and hearings for the task. Each lecture provides information about the current manufacturing industry topics and challenges. The discourses are available online via live-streaming, and many are in Swedish.

Elmia subcontractor’s utställare (exhibitors) feature leading companies such as:

  • Volvo;
  • ABB;
  • Ericsson;
  • Atlas Copco;
  • Scania;
  • SKF;
  • Schunk Intec;
  • Empir Industry;
  • Fårbo Mekaniska;
  • Almi;
  • BE Group;
  • Dalelven Product Development;
  • OEM Automatic;
  • Empa – Swiss Federal Laboratories;
  • Pentamet;
  • TOVAB;

Elmia Subcontractor is the central assemblage for professionals from the subcontractor sector and related industries. This includes industrial supplies, mechanical engineering, and metalworking.

Elmia Subcontractor Accommodation

Secure suitable accommodation for Elmia Subcontractor with Travel 2 Fairs Ltd. All that is necessary is to inform us about the rooms you need, how much you wish to spend, and your desired location. Travel 2 Fairs Ltd manages the rest. Reserve lodgings next to the Elmia Exhibition Centre. So that you can gain valuable access to public transport. We can inform you of the best routes to take to the venue. Aside from affordable hotel accommodation for exhibitions, we also provide transport services. One way to travel to your hotel is to have a rent-a-car wait for you at the airport. Another is to schedule an airport transfer in both directions.

Event information might be outdated because of the coronavirus pandemic. More information is available from the organiser.

Past Iterations

Elmia Subcontractor 2019

The Elmia Subcontractor fair often features new additions to its support programme. For example, its 2019 edition featured the Subcontractor InnoDex sub-event. This was a dedicated platform with a focus on innovation and product development. The sub-event allowed the 1 122 exhibitors to showcase one-of-a-kind wares. Furthermore, it included lectures led by leading design and development experts. This allowed visitors to learn about new materials.

Elmia Subcontractor 2021

The 2021 edition of the event also featured an event format change because of the pandemic. This included the trade fair occurring as a hybrid trade show. It comprised a physical exhibition complemented by a digital platform. In-person attendees were required to maintain social distancing in the Elmia Exhibition Centre. The edition received 9 652 visitants and 770 exhibiting firms, despite the pandemic situation. The participants represented 28 countries.

Elmia Subcontractor 2022

The 2022 iteration was a live trade exhibition at the Elmia Exhibition Centre. It did not feature coronavirus safeguards because the country lifted its pandemic restrictions. The edition was attended by 820 exhibitors from 23 countries and more than 10 600 visitors. The programme primarily focused on sustainability.

Elmia Subcontractor 2023

Elmia Subcontractor 2023 occurred as a live trade exposition at the Elmia Exhibition Centre. It did not feature coronavirus precautions similar to the 2022 format. The iteration featured more than 970 exhibitants from over 20 nations. 


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