Elmia Subcontractor

Elmia Subcontractor
CITY: Jonkoping

Upcoming Dates

Remain informed regarding the current state of global markets where the subcontracting industry is concerned and represent your business at Elmia Subcontractor. The international trade show showcases the latest technologies, tools, machinery and industrial supplies to more than 15,000 trade visitors in Jönköping, Sweden. November 12th– November 15th are the official run dates, so you best start on your business travel plans. Travel 2 Fairs ltd comes to the rescue with a flexible service geared towards companies of all sizes who wish to trot the globe. You don’t need to expend energy and invest days researching hotel offers.

How do we deliver the best bookings for international trade shows around the world? It’s simple! We have an extensive database with hotels inJönköping along with many more cities all around the world. They represent every price category and location. All you have to do is tell us how many rooms you want, how much you’re willing to pay and where you want to stay. Easy as that, you receive your dream offers the next day. Now, focus on Elmia Subcontractor with its packed halls, networking micro events and engrossing technical program.