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(14 November 2023 - 16 November 2023 )
Location: Sweden , Jönköping
Organizer: Elmia Fairs

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The 2023 edition of Elmia Subcontractor will take place between the dates 14.11.2023 and 16.11.2023. The event will not have a strict COVID-19 safety plan in place during its live rendition at the Elmia Exhibition Centre in Jonkoping, Sweden. This is due to the removal of the pandemic-related restrictions. 

Calling Card 

Founded in 1975, the Elmia Subcontractor is the largest manufacturing event in Sweden. The event serves as the central meeting hub for subcontractors in the sector. The fair takes place every year at the Elmia Exhibition Centre in Jonkoping, Sweden.  

Business Profile of the Event 

Elmia Subcontractor is the main meeting location for subcontractor sector professionals. This includes professionals working in mechanical engineering, metalworking, industrial design, measuring and testing. It is also the meeting hub for technological, assembly and test equipment operators. The fair is, furthermore, the leading meeting location for electrical engineering professionals. Professionals who handle technical documentation and auxiliary materials attend as well. So do buyers, R&D managers, and suppliers. The fair is the main event for companies such as Volvo, ABB, Ericsson, Atlas Copco, Scania, and SKF. 

Did You Know?  

The Elmia Subcontractor allows attendees to complete several important goals. These include providing an opportunity to gain recognition and increase brand awareness. Also, the fair grants a means to generate new leads and form new connections. Furthermore, the fair provides an opportunity for attendees to expand their specialist knowledge.  

One of the main events is the exhibition. It is where exhibitors can showcase their novelties, manufacturing methods and smart materials. This allows them to gain recognition and generate new leads and connections. It also allows attendees to productivity-increasing buy solutions for their company.  

The Elmia Subcontractor contains ample special areas and a detailed support programme. Among them is the IoT Arena. It is a dedicated area for showcasing the latest technology and digital solutions. The zone allows various industries to show their solutions to different challenges. Among them are improving processing efficiency and adding customer value. The IoT Arena allows both leading companies and start-ups to gain recognition.  

Another sub-event of interest is the Subcontractor Connect. It is the event where buyers and suppliers can organise meetings. This allows such groups to create the foundations of future business expansions. It also allows attendees to find new customers within the European market. They can also learn about new technology and innovative solutions by exchanging information. The sub-event furthermore allows attendants to gain insight into their company's competitiveness. Registration is necessary to take part in the event. Attendees can partake as buyers or suppliers. To attend as both, companies must have one professional register as a buyer and another as a supplier. All registered profiles are available in digital format via an online catalogue. Each meeting at the Subcontractor Connect lasts 25 minutes. The meetings can take place in digital format.  

The Subcontractor Direct is also among the sub-events of interest. It provides attendees with an opportunity to expand their specialist knowledge. For the task, they can attend various interviews, panel discussions and hearings. Each lecture provides information about the current manufacturing industry topics and challenges. The lectures are available online via live-streaming. Attendees ought to keep in consideration that many of the lectures will be in Swedish. 

The Elmia Subcontractor event is a must-attend for many subcontractors. Such include manufacturing methods, semifinished and finished products, and raw material specialists. The fair can also be beneficial for specialists working in design and development. Professionals working in fundamental industries such as chemistry should attend as well. Likewise, specialists who work in industrial technology sectors should consider visiting.  

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Elmia Subcontractor is an annual event. It takes place for 4 days at the Elmia Exhibition Centre. Elmia Ab organises the event, with visiting hours for the first 3 days being between 9 am and 5 pm. For the fourth and final day of the trade show, attendees can visit between 9 am and 3 pm.  

The Elmia Exhibition Centre is a venue that is easy to access. This is due to the extensive public transport connections it has. For example, both the airport and resecentrum are a 30-minute car journey from the venue. The airport is also accessible from the exhibition centre by bus. The journey when opting for such an alternative would take 47 minutes. When travelling to or from the central railway station by bus, the journey would take 25 minutes.  

Jonkoping is a Swedish tourist city with an easy-to-use public transport system. Its network consists of train and bus connections that link the districts. The system additionally has intercity links that provide access to other metropolises. Jonkoping has plentiful accommodation and dining options. Such include apartments, hostels, hotels, and cottages. 

There are dining options that are suitable for different budgets. Among them are various restaurants, cafés, delicatessen, and farm shops. The Elmia Exhibition Centre also provides catering options. Among the recommended districts to stay in or dine in is the city centre and the central railway station.  

Audience and Statistics

The Elmia Subcontractor is a high-profile event with a high level of attendance. For example, its 2017 edition received 1,167 exhibitors and 14,291 visitors. The fair is among the main events for professionals in the subcontractor sector. This is due to the trade show helping them in completing goals. 90% of visitors are leading decision-makers searching for new solutions. 78% of the attendants form connections with new suppliers. The Elmia Subcontractor receives attendants from many countries around the world. Among them are Sweden, Lithuania, Denmark, Finland, and the UK. Represented nations also include Poland, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, the USA, and Turkey. Portugal, Ukraine, Spain, Hungary, and China are among the presented countries as well. 

Past Editions

Often, the Elmia Subcontractor features new additions or changes to its support programme. For example, its 2019 edition feature the Subcontractor InnoDex sub-event. This was a dedicated platform with a focus on innovation and product development. The sub-event allowed exhibitors to showcase one-of-a-kind products, new materials, and designs. Furthermore, the platform included lectures led by leading design and development experts. This allowed visitors to learn about new materials. The special topics at the InnoDex included:  

  • Smart and digital materials
  • Resource efficiency and sustainability 
  • Simulation and product optimisation 
  • Light weighting 
  • The technology shifts of the future

The 2021 edition of the event also featured an event format change due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This included the trade fair taking place as a hybrid trade show - a physical exhibition complemented by a digital platform. In-person attendees were required to maintain a specified social distance when visiting the Elmia Exhibition Centre. Despite the pandemic, the edition received 9,652 visitors and 770 exhibitors. The participants represented 28 countries. 


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