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(27 October 2023 - 29 October 2023 )
Location: Germany , Munich
Organizer: Messe Munich

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The hosting dates for Munich Gem and Mineral Show 2023 are between 27.10.2023 and 29.10.2023. The event will take place at Messe Munich, West Entrance. A stringent Covid-19 prevention plan will not be implemented due to the removal of the pandemic-related restrictions.

Calling Card

The Munich Show is Europe’s largest fair for minerals, and jewellery. The show exhibits over 3 days various high-quality minerals and fossils and meteorites. Besides gems and fashion ornaments, attendees can also buy raw materials and technology. This includes for instance fossils, new engraving or polishing tools, and others. The fair provides attendees ample B2C and B2B opportunities through its diverse program. For example, retailers can form connections by visiting certain areas. The event is among the leading ones for Munich and takes place at Messe Munich.

Business Profile of the Event

The Munich Show is the leading event for many sectors related to jewellery and mining. For instance, gemstone suppliers and manufacturers look forward to the fair. This is because the event can help them find clients. The trade show is also the location for designers to showcase their collections. The Show furthermore helps mining company owners to expand their business. Many international institutes and museums visit to find valuable specimens. Companies such as the Kunugi S.L.U. Rafael Arquillo is often among the attendees of the fair. Likewise, enterprises such as A.R. Cristais Boamound attend. 

Did You Know?

The Munich Mineral show has several goals. These include networking between suppliers, manufacturers, designers, the public, and others. Also, the trade fair aims to expand the knowledge of attendees. For the task, organisers provide areas showcasing the latest trends or information. The event often includes workshops for developing various skills. The event furthermore acts as a purchasing and retail platform. The event can also serve as a promotional location for aspiring jewellers and artists. The event also can help in inspiring the public through different exhibitions. 

Four categories create the base for Munich Show's program. Each category showcases a certain aspect of the 2 main sectors. For instance, Fossil World shows high-quality fossil specimens. Various special areas also showcase high-quality specimens. These include the Mineral Pavilion, which will exhibit minerals with exclusive collector’s value. Another such area is the Alpine Minerals. At this site, attendees can examine summer finds of the “Strahler” from the Alps. Gemworld Professional will be a specialised trade area for jewellery and gemstone resellers. There will furthermore be a wide range of hosted by leading figures.

The trade fair can be quite helpful for specialists from the mining and jewellery sector. These include those who work in the metal production, trading and investing branches. Mineralogists and gemmologists as well as museum curators should also opt to attend. Specialists in the Arts & crafts sector and the fashion industry can benefit as well. The watch industry and interior design should not overlook attending the trade fair. 

Aspiring companies or designers have quite a few areas and aspects of the fair to look forward to. For example, junior jewellers can take part in the Young Designers Corner. This is an international competition which can help them in gaining recognition. They can also showcase their creations at the Young Jewellery - a trending area. Registered retainers and starting businesses can find expansion opportunities at Gemworld Connect. This is a specialist area open only to them for the duration of the fair.

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The Munich gem and Mineral Show lasts for 3 days and takes place at the Messe Munich every year. Münchner Mineralientage Trade Fair GmbH is the organiser of the fair. Opening times for the event include 9 am and 6 pm every day. Public visitors should note that Friday will be the trade-professional-only day.  Messe Munich is accessible via car, tram, bus, airport shuttle, train, and taxi from all areas of the city. Travelling times are rather brief. For example, it would take 20 minutes to reach the venue from the city centre by car or public transport. Likewise, the journey from the central railway station to the messe is 25 minutes. The venue is also close to the city’s international airport. When travelling by car, attendees will reach the messe in 30 minutes. Munich is a large metropolitan city with over 500 hotels and restaurants. Among the recommended neighbourhoods is the Altstadt (Old City). As alternatives, visitors can sleep and dine in Isavorstadt, Maxvorstadt, and Haidhausen. 

Audience and Statistics

The Munich Mineral Show attracts over 1250 exhibitors and over 40 000 visitors. Attendees represent around 60 countries. Among them are Germany, Austria, India, Afghanistan, Russian, Brazil, Japan, and others. Trade delegates from various industries and sectors visit the event. These include specialists from the mining sector and the jewellery industry. This also features related sectors like metal production, investing and trading. There are furthermore delegates from the fashion sector, such as designers. Institutes that specialise in minerals, fossils, or gems also attend. Many of the representatives are important decision-makers. Such include directors, managing directors, owners, or suppliers. 

Past Editions


The Munich Mineral Show 2021 (22.10.2021-24.10.2021) included the Young Designers Corner. This was an international competition for junior jewellery designers. The Gem World sub-event also featured a new concept and industry statement. This included the novel Gem World Showcase, which was an open stand exhibition held within the area for professionals. There were also large showcases available in the public area of the venue. A consumer campaign with integrated regional retainers ran alongside the two exhibitions. The Munich Mineral Show 2021 featured over 300 exhibitors and approximately 30,000 visitors. The rendition took place at Messe Munich amidst strict Covid-19 prevention measures. This included precautions such as the 3G entry policy. Participants had to show negative test results or proof of recovery/vaccination before entering the venue. The event marked the successful restart of the gem industry.


The Munich Mineral Show, or Munich Mineralientage 2022, took place between 30.09.2022 and 02.10.2022 in Messe Munich. The venue did not incorporate Covid-19 safety measures due to the removal of the pandemic-related restrictions. The edition featured around 900 exhibitors on 50,000 m2 of event space. 




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