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Location: China, Shanghai

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Covid-19 Event Update

Organisers will host WMF 2023 as a live trade fair at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai. The event will take place between 05.09.2023 and 08.09.2023. The event venue will feature the latest Covid-19 safety measures to ensure the security of attendees. Among the implemented measures will be the social distancing regulation. Attendees will be asked to maintain a social distance of 2 metres. They must also show documents such as negative test results due to the 3G entry policy. After 08.01.2023, travellers will only be required to present a negative PCR test result 48 hours before departure.

Past Iterations

WMF 2022

WMF 2022 took place between 05.09.2022 and 08.09.2022 in NECC Shanghai. The event was held live in the presence of strict Covid-19 safety measures, such as social distancing. It attracted over 300 exhibitors and more than 61,000 buyers on 45,000 m2 of event space.

WMF 2023

WMF 2023 occurred as a live trade exposition between 05.09.2023 and 08.09.2023 in NECC Shanghai. The iteration featured over 30 000 visitants and more than 370 exhibitors from 8 nations on 50 000 m2. The hosting location did not feature coronavirus precautions. This was due to the repealing of the country's domestic pandemic restrictions. 

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