COUNTRY: Germany
CITY: Nuremberg

Upcoming Dates

Natural beauty is the current top priority for the cosmetics industry and the trends towards a more organic approach in a person’s personal care has become an establishment movement. VIVANESS reveals what’s new with organic cosmetics as showcased by 200 exhibitors in Nuremberg, Germany. Current projections place attendance at roughly 44,000 trade visitors for the duration of the international exhibition. Turn your online hotel reservation for trade fairs into a smart investment with Travel 2 Fairs ltd. Our team takes care of all business travel arrangements at the fraction of the cost.

It takes hours upon hours to exhaust all possible deals on hotels for VIVANESS and you still can’t be sure, if you’ve made the optimal decision.Travel 2 Fairs ltd reduces the time to pinpoint the right hotel for you and delivers the most value for the price. You save time and resources that are put to better use at VIVANESS. The exhibition covers the entire value chain – skin care, body care, hair care, decorative cosmetics, fragrances, special cosmetics, chemist articles, and raw materials and additives. It’s the ideal place to launch a product, expand your professional network and keep your finger on the pulse of research.