CITY: Monaco-Ville

Upcoming Dates

Packaging has entered into a new era where environmental concerns and fledgling technologies are altering the industry rapidly. LUXE PACK provides the ample stage for the packaging manufacturers to gather and put on display their latest breakthroughs in design and execution. A tight focus falls on novelty products, eco-design, smart packaging and eco-design. Monaco will see close to 500 exhibitors and audience interest continues to grow. Don’t spend a small fortune on your business travel arrangements and leave your search for hotels.

We take over the planning stages behind every business trip. We find you bookings for international trade shows in every city and we have a large database with properties in every location and price point. No matter how large your budget is, we can secure you deals that make killer savings. This is a smart investment for LUXE PACK. The international trade show is a competitive event and you want to make sure your products stand out to snatch the highest sales leads numbers. At the same time, there are going to be lectures and presentations aimed at how to navigate current market conditions.