Location: Germany , Essen
Organizer: Messe Essen GmbH

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IPM Essen will take place in 2023 between the 24th and 27th of January. Organisers will host the event as a live exhibition at Messe Essen, with the venue not featuring the latest COVID-19 prevention measures. This is due to the removal of the pandemic-related restrictions, including the travel limitations.

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Founded in 1983, IPM Essen is the leading event for the horticulture industry. The event serves as the main source of information about important sector developments. The fair showcases new products from over 1500 exhibitors. IPM Essen, as the name would suggest, takes place every year in Essen, Germany. The expo shows the latest innovations at one of the city’s leading venues, Messe Essen. 

Business Profile of the Event

IPM Essen receives attendees from the horticulture, landscaping, and gardening industries. This includes plant producers, DYI store chain owners, gardeners, and others. Many authorities, including municipal officials and media representatives also attend the fair. Florists furthermore visit the fair to find inspiration for new floral compositions. So do many horticultural technical professionals such as application designers, ecological engineers and others. Notable companies that attend IPM Essen include A.S. Exclusiv and Badeko GmbH.

Did You Know? 

IPM is an international fair that allows attendees to achieve several important goals. Such include networking as well as expanding business and specialist knowledge. It can also help them in learning about new trends and gaining recognition.

IPM creates a high-profile business platform for both leading figures and start-ups. The fair includes an extensive exhibition where over 1500 exhibitors showcase innovations. The exhibition has 4 areas of interest. These are Plants, Floristry, Technology, and Garden Features. Many of the products showcased at the fair are sustainable. For example, many exhibitors showcase cold and heat-tolerant plant or shrub varieties. There are also flowerpots that are friendly to the environment and organic fertilisers.

IPM also features a support program consisting of various specials events. For instance, one of the main events is the Teaching Show. During the Show, German research centre specialists present their latest plant breeding results. Often, the event has several focal points of interest. For example, the 2017 edition of the show, focused on the usage of light, and growth regulation. 

Another notable event in the support program of the fair is the Innovation Showcase. During the Showcase, exhibitors show their leading plant novelties. Such include new varieties meant to resist or tolerate heat or cold, and others. The Showcase can be of particular value to start-ups, as it s allows them to gain recognition. 

The support program of the trade fair also includes the Flower Battle. This is one of the leading events of the IPM. It features florists and floral designers competing to create the most spontaneous arrangements. For the task, they choose their building materials from a large stack in front of the audience. Each member of the audience then votes for the arrangements. The battles continue until one competitor remains. 

IPM Essen is an event that can help horticulture, gardening, and landscaping professionals. Such include plant producers, store chain owners, and gardeners. The fair can also be of help to landscape architects and application designers. Many floriculturists and plant technicians furthermore visit the fair. So do many authorities and media representatives. The media representatives include bloggers, journalists for specialised magazines and others. 

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IPM Essen is an annual fair hosted at Messe Essen and organised by Messe Essen GmbH for 4 days. The visiting hours for the event tend to be between 9 am and 6 pm. Messe Essen is a venue that is easy to reach via public transport. For example, from Essen’s international airport to the venue, the journey would take 40 minutes by bus. Likewise, the event grounds are 6 minutes by metro from the central railway station.   

Essen is a metropolis city that is easy to navigate. This is due to the city having an extensive public transport system. A system consisting of a metro, train, bus, and taxi lines. The city is also well-connected to other cities in the country due to the public transport system. Among the cities in Germany that are accessible from Essen are Munich, Berlin, and Cologne. Travelling to another district in the city via public transport is timesaving. For example, you can reach Ruttenscheid from the airport in 45 minutes by bus. Likewise, travelling from nearby cities is convenient. For example, the distance between Düsseldorf and Essen is 30 minutes by bus. 

Essen has a broad range of dining and accommodation options. For instance, the metropolis has a large variety of hotels, hostels, and apartments. Visitors can also find a broad range of restaurants, bistros, bars, and clubs that can suit their needs. Among the popular districts to stay in are Ruttenscheid, Kettwiger Strasse and Bredeney.

Audience and Statistics

IPM Essen is an international fair that receives over 50,000 attendees. The 2019 edition of the fair, for instance, had around 1,549 exhibitors and 53,000 visitors. Attendees represented around 46 countries. These include France, Australia, Belgium, the Czech Republic and Germany. The represented sovereign states also featured Finland, Russia, Japan, the USA, Peru, and Mexico. IPM Essen attracts visitors from several industries. These include horticulture, floriculture, gardening and landscaping. 


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