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Agricultural and Forest Fair of Libramont 2024

(26 July 2024 - 29 July 2024 )
Industry: Agriculture
Organizer: Foire de Libramont

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Agricultural and Forest Fair of Libramont 2024 will be hosted at the Libramont Exhibition & Congress – LEC between 26.07-29.07.2024. The locale will not feature coronavirus precautions. Attendees will be encouraged to follow recommendations such as performing regular hand sanitation. 


Spanning the entire value chain for the agrarian, arboriculture, and agri-food sectors, the Agricultural and Forest Fair of Libramont follows research and development into sustainable practices. It displays up-to-the-minute innovations in machinery and equipment from over 2000 exhibitors. Libramont, Belgium, hosts the international trade fair and attendance predictions place 200 000 visitants to make the trip. Be amongst the first to book hotels in Libramont while prices are low and consult with Travel 2 Fairs ltd on rates for your online hotel reservation for trade fairs.

The event distinguishes itself through its extensive event area and range. The expositional area is estimated at 300,000 m² in a nearby reservation outside the city. You will see live demonstrations of equipment and vehicles used in livestock breeding, agri-food, and horticulture. At the same time, you have a support program that tackles subjects such as recycling, re-vegetation and renewable energy. Fully invest in your presence at the exhibition with business travel arrangements from Travel 2 Fairs ltd. From prices to location and access to public transport, our team scouts the deals with the most favourable conditions to your benefit.

Past Iterations

The Agricultural and Forest Fair of Libramont 2022

The 2022 edition of the event was held live between 29.07-01.08.2022 at the LEC. The venue did not incorporate coronavirus safeguards due to the repealing of the pandemic restrictions. The event received 198 932 visitants.

The Agricultural and Forest Fair of Libramont 2023

The 2023 iteration occurred in a face-to-face format between 28-31.07.2023 in the LEC. The format did not include coronavirus precautions, similar to the 2022 rendition. The iteration received over 600 exhibiting firms and 199 230 visitants.

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