CITY: Vicenza

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Good taste never goes out of style, especially when it comes to the finer things in life, which is why VICENZAORO + T-GOLD  has grown in popularity and important over the years for the jewellery business. Respected designers and trendsetting brands display their most luxurious jewellery lines, gold, silverware, gemstones and watches to a bespelled audience. The international trade fair occurs in Vicenza, Italy and will gather thousands. Secure yourself hotel accommodation for trade fairs that doesn’t cost you a small fortune and turn to Travel 2 Fairs ltd for irresistible business travel deals.

Hotels for VICENZAORO + T-GOLD are numerous, but it takes time and effort to figure out the best prices and most optimal location, especially if you’re not familiar with Vicenza. Our teams at Travel 2 Fairs ltd take one day to research offers and send you the best discounts. You’re saving on accommodation expenses, are located near the event and have access to public transport. It’s the best strategic move for VICENZAORO + T-GOLD, where you court wealthy buyers for your products and designs. At the same time, there’s a lively support program including awards and creativity spaces.