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Southampton Boat Show 2021 will take place at Mayflower Park between 10.09.2021 and 19.09.2021. The event will be in in-person format with a stringent COVID-19 safety plan in place. Updates will be provided about the event's program. 

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Southampton International Boat Show is the UK’s largest boating festival. It showcases a wide range of boats and products from many global marine brands. This includes kayaks, catamarans, SUPS, and super yachts. The Boat show also showcases the latest marine technology innovations. The festival serves as a popular event for the public to enjoy boat sailing and water sports. It is also the location where boat purchasing takes place. The Boat Show is hosted at Mayflower Park on the largest man-made marina in Europe. It is among Southampton’s popular festivals visited by over 103 000 visitors.  

Business profile of the event

The Southampton Boat Show attracts attendees from many industries. Because of this, visiting companies will have many opportunities to expand their business. For instance, visitors tend to be specialists in the boat manufacturing sector. Quite a few visitors are also specialists from branches such as boat maintenance. Many attendees furthermore are specialists in the maritime business service sector. Among the notable companies to exhibit at the Show are Yamaha, Suzuki, and Decathlon UK. 

What is new for Southampton Boat Show 2021?

The event has undergone significant changes. These include a new layout and entrance as well as adding new program features. The new entrance will link the event with Southampton’s city centre. The new layout will include access to the marine through the city’s historic walls. There will also be several new zones such as "Water sports", "Dinghy", "Classic & Day Boat" and "On the water". Each zone will have its own dedicated program. For instance, the Classic & Day Boat Zone will include education talks and demonstrations.

The showcasing of many innovations will also take place at the event. Such include a new dinghy model and a leading-edge camera technology system. Other showcased innovations include new solutions for staying connected with land. The Boat Show will also feature the showing of many sustainable boating solutions. These include a new eco-friendly electric gangway and electric bathing ladder. Several intelligent yacht control systems will furthermore receive mention. Likewise, so will an operational powering steering column digital switching system. Special mention will be given to the Aegina, the world’s first Class A UVC Led Water Purification Unit.

Did you know? 

The Southampton Boat Show is a leading boating festival and maritime industry highlight. Its goals include showcasing the latest innovations, and promoting brand growth. It furthermore aims to encourage networking and drive sales. To achieve these goals organisers provide attendees with opportunities to conduct business on-site. This includes closing important deals through exhibitions, demonstrations, and others. The latest products and services are also showcased during the presentations. Often, the event includes competitions, giveaways and offers as part of the program.

The festival should be on the attendance list of maritime industry specialists. It should also be on the attendance list of those intend on buying or selling a high-quality boat. Water sport enthusiasts should furthermore look forward to visiting the festival. The event can be of particular help to manufacturers in the maritime industry. It can furthermore provide aid to suppliers, distributors, and charters. Likewise, the Boat Show can provide aid to tourist agencies who specialise in boat tours. Marine associations and coast guard agencies should also opt to attend. 

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Southampton Boat Show is an annual event which last for 9 days at Mayflower Park. British Marine is the organiser of the event and main financial contributor. The Boat Show is open to visitors between 9:30 am and 6:30 pm on all days except the last. During the last day of the event, opening time are between 9:30 am and 6:00 pm. The venue is accessible through different modes of public transports. Among them is by boat, by bus, by train, by taxi, and by plane. The entrance of the event is 5 minutes on foot from the city’s central bus station. From the central railway station, Mayflower Park can be reached in 15 minutes by taking the bus. From the Airport to the venue, the journey would last 20 minutes when taking a taxi or driving.

Southampton has exceptional connectivity to the region, country, and continent. It has access to the largest cruise port in Europe, and extensive national railway links. The city is at the crossroad of two main motorways. The different districts of the city are likewise well-connected. For instance, travelling by bus from the venue to city centre is easy as the journey would take 15 minutes at most. Travelling by taxi is likewise easy as there are stops throughout the city. Such places include at the central railway station, the airport, and other locations. Southampton has over 3000 hotel rooms and 200 bars and restaurants. 2 of the recommended dining areas can be found on the event grounds.

Audience and Statistics

The event attracts a large group of attendees from both the UK and the world. For instance, the 2019 edition received over 100 exhibitors and 103 000 visitors. Besides the UK, attendees come from countries such as the USA, the Netherlands and Germany. Many industries are present at the event during its editions. Such include apparel, water sports, maritime industry as well as coast guard agencies. Specialists tend to be manufacturers, distributors, traders, and salespeople. Many are also heads of project, innovators, or marina developers. 






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