Southampton Boat Show

Southampton Boat Show
CITY: Southampton

Upcoming Dates

With 1000 boats and counting set to be showcased, demonstrated and left for visitors to touch and explore, Southampton Boat Show 2019 enjoys a strong reputation and influence. As an international trade show, it gives thousands of boat and yacht enthusiasts, professionals and sailors a deep look into designs, constructions and technological improvements to have entered the world market. Southampton, UK hosts the event for full ten days between September 13th and September 22nd. The most pressing question concerning all goers is finding hotels in Southampton and Travel 2 Fairs ltd has an immediate solution to organize your stay in one business day.

Southampton Boat Show 2019 is mostly a marketplace where buyers can meet with the manufacturers and sellers to close in deals – a major reason to attend. You can return a big winner with massive earnings. Of course, the program has other highlights such as the Try-A-Boat & Get Afloat event or the RYA Active Marina Experience. Don’t leave nothing to chance when it comes to business travel and leave Travel 2 Fairs ltd in charge. You get bookings for international trade shows that have been calculated and designed to keep costs down, shorten your commute time to the marina and also link you to public transport.