(21 February 2025 - 24 February 2025 )
Location: Germany, Munich
Industry: Jewelry Gems Clocks
Organizer: Messe Munich

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Inhorgenta Munich 2025 will occur in an in-person format between the 21st and 24th of February 2025. The event location will be Messe Munich. The venue will not feature coronavirus safeguards due to the country removing its pandemic restrictions.


Inhorgenta Munich (Inhorgenta/Inhorgenta Europe/Messe Inhorgenta) is among the leading timepiece and jewellery fairs. This is because Inhorgenta acts as the pivotal trade exhibition for learning the most up-to-date industry trends and novel designs. The trade show occurs annually within Munich’s premier venue, Messe Munich. Inhorgenta Europe has a high level of attendance. For example, one edition included 1 025 exhibitor firms and over 26 000 visitants. Attendees travel from around 85 nations, including Austria, Canada and India,

About Inhorgenta Europe

Messe Inhorgenta can help various specialists achieve essential business goals such as networking through its programme. Among the main events within the schedule is the exhibition. It features six exhibition areas – Timepieces, Technology & Bijoux, Fine Jewellery, Elegance & Lifestyle, Carat, and Contemporary Design & Vision.

Each exhibition area focuses on a different sector or aspect. The Timepieces section showcases all varieties of watches and clocks. The Technology and Bijoux zone is the showcasing area for fashion jewellery labels. The Fine Jewellery section is the location for precious and exclusive jewellery pieces. The Elegance & Lifestyle segment presents timeless elegance, craftsmanship and innovative designs. The Carat section displays the latest watch and jewellery models inlaid with precious gemstones such as emeralds. Completing the exhibition zones is the Contemporary Design & Vision section, which displays innovative and modern designs.

Inhorgenta Munich also includes as a highlight the Trend Factory Munich. It is a forum consisting of seminars, talks, and debates. The Trend Factory is where professionals learn about the most up-to-date industry trends and novel designs. Another main event of interest is the Inhorgenta Campus. It features individual spaces for institutions of higher education and Campus Talks. During the Talks, young talents can learn about issues related to the industry. The Jewellery Shows, which tend to take place in the Fine Jewellery section, are also must-attends. During the Shows, international models showcase luxurious jewellery pieces.

One of the main events is the Inhorgenta Award Ceremony. It is a pivotal competition during which a specialist jury examines jewellery, retail concepts, watches, and designers. The award has eight categories. Each focuses on a different aspect, such as timepieces, jewellery, design, et cetera. Similar in intent is the Fashion Jewellery Division. It is the award ranking for jewellery pieces with a retail price below 1000 euros.

Inhorgenta’s ausstellerliste (exhibitor list) features notable companies such as:

  • Haudarin;
  • Giloy;
  • Niessing Manufaktur;
  • Nordgreen ApS;
  • Kühnel;
  • Manu;
  • Alfonso Anzivino;
  • Heimerie + Meule;
  • Max Fröhlich;
  • Hesse GmbH;
  • Adolf Heinz eK;
  • Aero Watch;
  • Alpina Watches;
  • Amor Group;
  • Arnova;
  • Arnoldi;
  • Autore;
  • Bijoux;
  • Dr. Bernhard Burger AG;
  • Cadillac;
  • Casio;
  • CHD;
  • Citizen Watch Europe;
  • Coeur de Lion;
  • Pamiani Group;
  • EMAG;
  • Esprit;
  • Faberge UK Ltd;
  • Garmin;
  • IGL;
  • ILG;
  • LIP;
  • Heinz Meyer;
  • Meister GmbH;
  • HLF Merker;
  • A.Ruppenthal;
  • Seiko;
  • Sharma Group;

Attendees of the fair represent the jewellery, watchmaker, retail, mining, manufacturing, and fashion industries.

Inhorgenta Munich Accommodation

Procure suitable accommodation for Inhorgenta Munich with Travel 2 Fairs Ltd. All that is necessary is to inform us about the rooms you need, how much you wish to spend, and your desired location. Travel 2 Fairs Ltd manages the rest. Reserve lodgings adjacent to Messe Munich and gain valuable access to public transport. We can advise you on the best routes to take to the venue. Aside from affordable hotel accommodation for exhibitions, we also provide transport services. One way to travel to your hotel is to have a rent-a-car wait for you at the airport. Another is to schedule an airport transfer in both directions.

Event information might be outdated because of the coronavirus pandemic. More information is available from the organiser.

Past Iterations

Inhorgenta Munich 2022

Inhorgenta Munich 2022 occurred between the 8th and 11th of April 2022 in a live trade exhibition format. Messe Munich featured the latest coronavirus safeguards, including social distancing and mandatory FFP2 masks. The edition received 732 exhibitor firms from 33 countries and 17 285 visitants from 79 nations.

Inhorgenta Munich 2023

The 2023 iteration of the event occurred as a live trade exhibition in Messe Munich. The venue did not feature coronavirus safeguards due to Germany lifting its pandemic restrictions. The edition featured approximately 24 000 visitants from 90 nations and 802 exhibitor firms from 38 countries.

Inhorgenta Munich 2024

Inhorgenta 2024 occurred as a live trade exposition in Messe Munich. It featured more than 870 exhibiting firms from 37 nations. They presented wares to 25 000 visitants from 90 nations. 96% of the visiting group rated the event as excellent and 94% consider it to be highly significant. 


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