(24 February 2023 - 27 February 2023 )
Location: Germany , Munich
Organizer: Messe Munich

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Covid-19 Update

Inhorgenta Munich 2023 will take place between 24.02.2023 and 27.02.2023. The location of the event will be Messe Munich, and the trade show will be held in an in-person format. Organisers assure that the venue will have a strict COVID-19 prevention plan in place. This will include safety measures such as participants needing to maintain a social distance of 1.5 metres at all times. They must also wear an FFP2 mask in designated areas such as the exhibition halls. During their visits, participants must avoid physical forms of networking, such as shaking hands. They must also note that regular hand hygiene is highly recommended. Pre-registration is mandatory for all attendees, including exhibitors and visitors. Due to the travel restrictions, participants must present 3G documents upon arrival in Germany. Such include negative test results, proof of recovery or immunisation passports. 

Calling Card

Inhorgenta Munich is among the leading fairs for the watches, and jewellery industries. It is one of the prime meeting platforms for professionals working in these sectors. Inhorgenta allows specialists and customers to meet and make important purchases. The fair serves as the main location for learning the latest trends and designs. The fair takes place every year at Messe Munich in Munich, Germany.

Business Profile of the Event

Inhorgenta is where visitors can network with watch/clockmakers, and jewellery specialists. It is furthermore the main event for bench jewellers and gold/silver/metalsmiths. Additionally, engravers, designers, retail agents and store managers visit the fair. Visitors of the fair often include quality assurance technicians. The trade show is the meeting platform for notable companies such as Citizen and Gellner. Attendants often include Hans D. Krieger, Jochen Pohl and Parmigiani. 

What Was New for Inhorgenta Munich 2022?

The 2022 edition of Inhorgenta once again featured the “Contemporary Design & Vision” section. The location of the exhibition area was in Hall C2. Its focus included the latest industry trends and the promotion of young talent. Emphasized subjects also incorporated sustainability and future retail. The fair also included an extensive Covid-19 prevention plan.

Did You Know? 

Inhorgenta is a fair that can help professionals in completing important business goals. Such include forming new connections and networking. It furthermore allows attendants to learn about the latest trends and designs. This allows them to find new solutions that can help in expanding their business. The fair is additionally the location for gaining recognition through its support programme. Inhorgenta often helps professionals in expanding their specialist knowledge. 

The international fair can help specialists in completing such goals through its programme. Among the main events in the schedule is the exhibition of timepieces and jewellery. The showcase features 6 exhibition areas:

  • Timepieces
  • Technology and Bijoux
  • Fine Jewellery
  • Elegance & Lifestyle
  • Carat
  • Contemporary Design & Vision

Each exhibition area focuses on a different sector or aspect. The Timepieces' section is where exhibitors showcase all varieties of watches and clocks. These vary from artworks through designer models to multifunctional chronometers and smartwatches. The Technology and Bijoux zone is the showcasing area for fashion jewellery labels. It is also where attendants can examine shopfitters, packing suppliers and security solutions. The section is additionally the place for jewellery tool manufacturing and refinery products. 

The Fine Jewellery section is the location for precious and exclusive jewellery pieces. Visitors can find leading jewellery manufacturers and wedding ring makers in this zone. Often, the pieces located in this zone include rings, necklaces, and other adornments. Similar in intent is the elegance & Lifestyle section. It is the location for showcasing timeless elegance, craftsmanship and innovative designs. Attendees can find pieces crafted by both leading professionals and promising newcomers. 

The Carat section is where exhibitors showcase watches and jewellery with precious gemstones. Such include emeralds, diamonds, sapphires, rubies, opals, and spinels. It is the section where visitors can find companies such as C. Bansal. Completing the exhibition zones is the Contemporary Design & Vision section. It is the showcasing area for professionals with striking designs or avant-garde ideas. 

Besides the exhibition, Inhorgenta also includes several other main events of interest. Among them is the Trend Factory, Munich. It is a forum consisting of conferences, lectures, and panel discussions. The forum is where professionals can learn about the latest trends and designs. It is furthermore the networking event for professionals such as designers and manufacturers. This is due to the forum allowing them to meet and discuss topics such as new engraving methods.  

Another main event of interest during Inhorgenta is the Inhorgenta Campus. The Campus features individual spaces for colleges and schools, and the Campus Talks. During the Talks, young talents can learn about issues related to the industry. The Talks often feature lectures hosted by leading experts in the sector. Other events of interest are the Jewellery Shows. They tend to take place in the Fine Jewellery section. During the Shows, international models showcase luxurious jewellery pieces. 

One of the main events start-ups and leaders look forward to is the Inhorgenta Award Ceremony. During the Award Ceremony, a jury examines jewellery, retail concepts, watches, and designers. The award has 8 categories, each focused on a different aspect.

The categories of the Award are:

  • Fine Jewellery
  • Fashion Jewellery
  • Designer of the year
  • Design Newcomer of the year
  • Watch Design
  • Next-Generation Retail
  • Public Choice Award — Best piece of Jewellery
  • Public Choice Award — Best Watch

Each category has its criteria and focus. The Fine Jewellery category examines pieces whose retail price is above 1000 euros. The jury examines the materials, price, and specials features of the entries.  Entries receive grades based on their design, workmanship, and hand detail quality. 

Similar in intent is the Fashion jewellery division. It is the award ranking for pieces of jewellery with a retail price below 1000 euros. The jury notes craftsmanship quality and how fashionable the design is. Both start-ups and leaders look forward to the Designer of the year category.  The division awards pieces with original design concepts, artisanal quality, and high distinction. Judges check design coherence, creativity, and material use originality. Winners in this category receive the title of Designer of the Year.

Similar in intention is the division known as Design Newcomer of the year. It is the entry category for pieces made by jewellers or watchmakers-in-training. It is also where professionals who have graduated within the last 2 years compete. The winner receives the opportunity to showcase their products at the next edition. The victor also receives a voucher worth 2000 euros for insurance and shipping. 

Watchmakers also look forward to the Watch Design category. The division rewards original design, innovative concepts, and high distinction. Retail companies can earn recognition in the Next Generation Retail category. This is where retail trade enterprises compete for the most trendsetting concept. Nominees must be retail shops for jewellery and watches. The jury examines the market-relevant concepts and grades their potential.

The public can also provide nominees with recognition at the Awards. This is due to the last two categories included in the Award Ceremony.  These are the Public Choice Award — Best piece of Jewellery and Public Choice Award — Best Watch. 

Inhorgenta is a must-attend event for many professionals. Such include specialists working with timepieces, jewellery tools and adornments. It also features professionals working with precious stones, and metals. For example, watch and clockmakers, bench jewellers, and designers should consider attending. Likewise, gold, silver, and metalsmiths should opt to visit. So should experts such as engravers, retail jewellery sales professionals and store managers. Jewellery lab graders/quality assurance technicians ought to consider visiting as well. 

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Inhorgenta is an annual trade show hosted at Messe Munich for 4 days and organised by Messe München GmbH. The visiting hours for the fair tend to be between 9 am and 6 pm for the first 3 days. On the final day of the fair, attendees can visit between 9 am and 5 pm. 

Messe Munich is easy to access from both Munich and nearby cities such as Freising. For example, you can reach the event location within 25 minutes from the central railway station by metro. Likewise, from the international airport, the commute would take 50 minutes. When travelling from nearby cities such as Freising, you have several alternatives. These include using public transport such as the bus and metro or renting a car or taxi. Via public transport, the journey to the messe would take 55 minutes. By taxi, you will arrive at the venue in 35 minutes. 

Munich is one of Germany’s large metropolises. It has extensive public transport lines consisting of buses, metros, trains, and taxis. The city has transport links that work during the day and at night. Commuting from one area of the metropolis to another can vary from 15 minutes to 60 or 90 minutes. There are different accommodation and dining options in Munich. For example, you can opt for resting at a hotel, apartment, or hostel. Both the city and its surroundings provide guest houses and private rooms. Dining options in the metropolis include restaurants, bars, and clubs. There are several districts where visitors should opt to rest and dine in. Such include the Old City or Altstadt, Haidhausen, Maxvorstadt and Isavorstadt. 

Audience and Statistics

Inhorgenta Munich has a high level of attendance. For example, the 2018 edition included 1,025 exhibitors and over 26,000 visitors. Attendees come from around 85 nations including Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Italy. Attendants furthermore come from Germany, Spain, and the Czech Republic. Many visitors additionally represent Belgium, Greece, England, and Hungary. Attendees of the fair represent several industries. Among them are the jewellery as well as watches and clocks industries. Represented industries furthermore include the retail, mining fashion industries.

Past Editions


Inhorgenta Munich 2022 took place between 08.04.2022 and 11.04.2022 as a face-to-face trade fair. The hosting location, Messe Munich, featurd the latest Covid-19 safety measures including social distancing and mandatory FFP2 masks. The edition, despite the Covid-19 pandemic, received 732 exhibitors from 33 countries and 17,285 visitors from 79 nations.


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