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(25 October 2022 - 28 October 2022 )
Location: Germany , Hannover

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Remain updated on the newest processes and innovation surrounding the sheet metal working and metal processing sectors at EuroBLECH. Hannover, Germany is the host for this international exhibition and editions happen on a biennial basis, where visitors receive an in-depth report on the technologies that are now making their way into professional circles. The focus falls on machine elements, sheet metal, tools, separation, forming, dies and quality assurance just to mention some. What is there for you as an exhibitor to discover and benefit from? Let’s have a short look!

  • We kick off with the most obvious draw – the audience currently stands at 56,000 trade visitors, which promises a lot of engagement and sales leads;
  • Live demonstrations are bread and butter at EuroBLECH as you get to see the solutions in action and increase the chance to strike major deals;
  • Visitors make up every industry sector along the processing chain.

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