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CITY: New York City

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!!! Important !!! The 2020 edition of EastPack has been officially cancelled by the organisers due to coronavirus.

The packaging industry 4.0 has arrived and it’s at EastPack where packaging innovations indesign and manufacturing are introduced with one goal in mind – reducing cost, increasing the overall efficiency and producing the least amount of waste. Programming encompasses every link across the product chain from raw materials and adhesives to labelling and laminating. The specialist event is set to draw in 2000 trade visitors. Travel 2 Fairs ltd can makebusiness travel planning a tad easier on your schedule and your budget thanks to its swift service.

Travel 2 Fairs ltd deliver a bespoke hotel booking online within a day of your initial consultation with our team. You specify how many rooms you need, the size of your budget and what needs you have during your stay. We use this data to go through all available hotels to list the ones that save you the most and have the best location. Easy and simple! Now you can throw yourself fully into EastPack, which boasts an incredible support program in addition to the rich product portfolio - adhesive tapes, bottles, bottling equipment, cans, and more.