COUNTRY: Germany
CITY: Munich

Upcoming Dates

BAU 2021 remains the leading international trade fair for architecture, materials and systems and this is best seen in the sheer numbers. Right now, the event averages roughly 2000 exhibitors and 250,000 trade visitors that encompass architects, engineers, building firms, planners, investors and representatives of the industrial and commercial sectors. It might seem far in the future, but today is the best chance to land great deals on hotel accommodation for trade fairs. Travel 2 Fairs ltd guides you through all the options and take care of your business travel arrangements.

BAU 2021 introduces to the next generation of products and services for building and designing buildings that represents the entire value chain. The main objective is not only to do business but to create the future of building on the foundation of forward thinking and ecological responsibility. In addition, BAU 2021 places value on interdisciplinary exchange of practices, knowledge and skills. Start your travel preparations by figuring out your stay. Travel 2 Fairs ltd consults with you on budget, location and number of beds to curate and mail you hotels for BAU 2019 that minimize your costs.