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(19 February 2024 - 23 February 2024 )
Location: Germany , Stuttgart
Organizer: LandesMesse Stuttgart GmbH

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The trade fair's newest edition will take place in 2024. The dates have already been announced: 19.02.2024—23.02.2024. Messe Stuttgart will not feature Covid-19 safety measures due to the removal of the country's pandemic-related restrictions. At present, Germany doies not have travel limitations in place. 

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R + T is an essential trade show and meeting location for various industries. It is a specialised platform dedicated to doors, gates, roller shutters, and sun protection systems. Many attendees seek to meet with relevant potential buyers and partners at the fair. Many also attend to gain insight into the visiting industries. The fair furthermore enables idea and information exchanges. This is due to its intense technical discussions. These take place during the numerous specialist forums and networking events. These also allow attendees to learn new ideas and expand their business networks. As a result, the trade fair serves as a meeting platform, trend barometer, and innovation stage. R+T is an international trade fair that occurs in Stuttgart, Germany. Each edition presents the latest developments, challenges, and innovations. This is due to them taking place once every three years. Messe Stuttgart welcomes trade visitors in February over the course of five days.

Business profile of the event

R+T is a leading event for a diverse range of business sectors. Such include the construction industry and the architecture business section. It attracts suppliers, manufacturers, building, and construction professionals. The event is a networking hub where experts can meet potential business contacts. Companies represent a diverse range of nations, such as China and the USA. Most trade visitors also influence the purchasing decision made by the attending companies. This includes independent contractors, managing directors and C-Suite executives. The trade fair takes place with the aid of many partners such as:

  • AIC
  • JUNG
  • HP
  • ROMA
  • Sto
  • BKI
  • BWGV (Baden-Württemberg Cooperation Association eV)
  • Exali.de
  • Linzmeier
  • Occhio
  • solid UNIT
  • Girsberger

The leading German and foreign exhibitors of R+T feature:

  • ACMI
  • Activa Awning Inc.
  • Alukon KG
  • Albayrak Group—Suntech
  • BiRoll GmbH
  • APA
  • Bundesverband Rollladen + Sonnenschutz e.V. BVRS
  • Becker-Antriebe GmbH, Coulisse B.V.
  • BVT – Verband Tore
  • Entrematic Germany GmbH
  • Dictator Technik GmbH
  • Gerhard Geiger GmbH & Co. KG
  • erfal GmbH & Co. KG
  • Gesellschaft für Antriebstechnik
  • elero GmbH Antriebstechnik
  • heroal
  • Gandhi Automations Pvt Ltd.
  • Ifasol
  • Hella Sonnenschutztechnik GmbH
  • ift Rosenheim
  • Hunter Douglas Europe B.V.
  • Industrieverband Technische Textilien Rollladen Sonnenschutz e.V.
  • Kadeco Sonnenschutzsysteme GmbH
  • erwilo Markisen GmbH
  • Oskar Widmer GmbH, Nice S.p.A.
  • Meißner GmbH Toranlagen
  • Pratic f.lli Orioli S.p.A
  • Parà S.p.a.
  • PALMIYE Global A.Ş.
  • Robert Schweiker GmbH

What is new for R+T 2024?

R+T 2024 will take place as a hybrid event. It will consist of a face-to-face trade fair at Messe Stuttgart and a complementary digital service. 

Did you know? 

For industries such as HoReCa and window/door manufacturing, R+T can be beneficial. This is due to the event aiding them in accomplishing business goals. Among the achievable aims is expanding their specialist knowledge. They can further extend their business networks. It can also help them in gaining recognition and conducting business. The fair furthermore enables them to examine the attending industries. This includes sectors like hospitality and construction.

Each edition of R + T exposes attendees to innovative designs and concepts across the value chain. The exhibition is among the main sub-events that aid in learning about such products. It comprises various exhibition halls, each presenting one or more product groups. Each product group, in turn, showcases the latest products and novel solutions. Participants should note that representation of products can occur in more than one group. The main product groups and presented products include the following:

  • External/Venetian blinds
    1. Venetian/external blinds
    2. Blind slats
    3. Slat connection systems
    4. Machines for blind production
    5. Fittings
    6. Components
    7. Privacy protection systems
    8. Sun protection systems
    9. Blackout systems
    10. Blind accessories
  • Internal sun protection
    1. Vertical blinds
    2. Interior blinds
    3. Pleated blinds
    4. Roller blinds
    5. Slats for vertical blinds
    6. Vertical blinds
    7. Panel blinds
    8. Internal sun protection production machines 
    9. Accessories for blinds 
  • Roller shutters and roller shutter accessories
    1. Roller shutter systems
    2. Roller shutter rods
    3. Skylight roller shutters 
    4. Irregular window shape roller shutters 
    5. Roller shutters for conservatories
    6. Security roller shutters
    7. Roller shutter boxes
    8. Roller shutters with front mounting
    9. (Mini) top-mounted roller shutters
    10. Fittings for roller shutters
    11. Machines for roller shutter production
    12. Roller shutter accessories
    13. Belts
    14. Guide rails
    15. Aluminium-extruded profiles
    16. Aluminium profiles folded and roll-formed
    17. Plastic profiles
    18. Metal profiles
    19. Fuses and locks
    20. Fall protection for roller shutters
    21. Insulation and sealants
    22. Manual drives/cranks
    23. Roller shutter window constructions
    24. Swimming pool covers
  • Gates
    1. Fire protection doors
    2. Overhead sectional doors
    3. Revolving doors
    4. Folding doors and folding sliding doors
    5. Fire protection curtains
    6. Garage doors
    7. Hangar doors
    8. Lifting/lowering doors
    9. Industrial doors/commercial doors
    10. Tilting doors
    11. Transparent doors
    12. Swing doors
    13. Smoke protection doors
    14. Smoke protection curtains
    15. Roller doors
    16. Rolling grille doors
    17. Rotary doors/side sectional doors
    18. Noise and heat protection doors
    19. Sliding doors
    20. High-speed doors
    21. Sectional gates
    22. Gate panels made of steel or light metals
    23. Gate profiles made of steel or light metals
    24. Date profiles made of plastic
    25. Gate barriers
    26. Gate fittings
    27. Gate manufacturing machines
    28. Gate accessories
    29. Gate systems
    30. Roller shutter curtains
    31. Fall protection for gates
  • Doors
    1. External doors
    2. Automatic doors
    3. Fire protection doors
    4. Revolving doors
    5. Swing doors made of plastic
    6. Strip curtains
    7. Smoke protection doors
    8. Security doors
    9. Special doors
    10. Escape and rescue route doors 
    11. Door locks and fittings
    12. Machines for door production
    13. Door accessories
    14. Door profiles made of plastic
    15. Door profiles made of light metal
    16. Door locks
    17. Door frames
    18. Door systems
    19. Interior doors
    20. Windows/shutters
    21. Window systems
    22. Window profiles
    23. Fittings for windows
    24. Machines for window production
    25. Window sills
    26. Window frames
    27. Window accessories
    28. Conservatories
    29. Skylights
    30. Patio roofs/cold roofs
    31. Light shaft covers
    32. Wooden shutters/rotary shutters
    33. Aluminium shutters/rotary shutters
    34. Plastic shutters/rotary shutters
    35. Fittings for shutters
    36. Machines for manufacturing shutters
    37. Accessories for shutters
    38. Sliding shutters
    39. Folding sliding shutters
  • Awnings
    1. Awnings
    2. Machines for awning production
    3. Frames
    4. Manual drives for awnings
    5. Awning accessories
    6. Insect protection
  • Electrical safety devices
    1. Light barriers/grids
    2. Closing edge and draw-in security systems
    3. Access control systems
    4. Pedestrian barriers (turnstiles)
    5. Intruder alarm systems
    6. Fire alarm systems
    7. Smoke alarm systems
    8. Security systems
  • Textile construction and technical textiles 
    1. Fabrics (awnings, blinds, roller blinds)
    2. Tarpaulins
    3. Umbrellas
    4. Awnings
    5. Tents
    6. Carports made of textiles
    7. Machines for manufacturing technical textiles
    8. Sewing thread
    9. Cords
    10. Accessories
    11. Textile patio roofs
    12. Swimming pool covers
    13. Mechanical drives
  • Drives and controls
    1. Electric drives
    2. Controls
    3. BUS systems
    4. Command and signalling devices
    5. Sensors/light controls for gates
    6. Doors and similar closures
    7. Radio remote controls
    8. Central controls
    9. Other drive systems (e.g. hydraulic, pneumatic)
    10. Motors and electrical accessories
    11. Accessories for drive and control systems
  • Bars and fences
    1. Grids
    2. Fittings
    3. Grid accessories
    4. Fences
    5. Pergolas and climbing aids
    6. Fence gates
    7. Fence doors
    8. Fence fittings
    9. Fence accessories for parking space security
  • Other exhibition areas
    1. Operating equipment
    2. EDP
    3. Services
    4. Research and development
    5. Associations
    6. Specialist literature/publishers

One of the leading sub-events is the ES-SO seminar. Messe Stuttgart and the ES-SO vzw host the micro-event. ES-SO vzw is a non-profit organisation established in Brussels, Belgium. It is the governing organisation for professional solar shading associations in the EU-Member States. It also includes several non-EU ones. The seminar focuses on solar shading, innovations, and energy efficiency topics. For instance, the 2018 edition discussed intelligent solar shading as an innovative energy-saving concept.

The R+T Innovation Award competition is among the main recognition-granting sub-events. It consists of an expert jury appraising innovative submissions. The jury comprises association representatives, specialised journalists, architects, and industry experts. The judging panel for the 2021 edition, for instance, featured the leading experts:

  • Dr.-Ing. Christoph Meyer (Managing Director of Hausladen + Meyer, engineering consultants for building climate control)
  • Heinrich Abletshauser (President of the Federal Association for Manufacturers of Roller Shutters and Sun Protection)
  • Martin Auerbach (Managing Director of Association of Interior Privacy & Sun Shades Industry)
  • Marcus Baumeister (Technical Consultant of the Federal Association for Manufacturers of Roller Shutters and Sun Protection)
  • Stefan Elgass (Editor-in-Chief of Metallbau)
  • Stephan Engert (Editor-in-Chief of Bauelemente Bau)
  • Ulrike Goetz (Editor from tür-tor-fenster-report)
  • Kai-Uwe Grögor (Managing Director of the National Federation of Door and Gate Manufacturers)
  • Professor Jörn Peter Lass (Institute director of ift Rosenheim, Institute for Window Technology)
  • Maren Meyerling (Editor-in-Chief of Handwerk GmbH)
  • Gerd Joachim Müller (Managing director of the expert office Müller)
  • Peter Petz (Editor-in-Chief of PSA Publishers Ltd.)
  • Lars Rippstein (Managing Director of the Industrial Association of Technical Textiles Roller Shutters Sun Protection e.V. - ITRS)
  • Yvonne Schneider (Editor at Charles Coleman Verlag)
  • Sebastian Schott (Creative director of Architektur blocher partners)
  • Dr Claus Schwenzer (Chairman of the National Federation of Door and Gate Manufacturers)
  • Bernd Seybold (Managing Director of H. Seybold GmbH & Co. KG)
  • Olaf Vogele (Managing Director of expert consultancy media4technologies UG, Editor of GLASWELT / SONNENSCHUTZWELT)

The presentation of the winners occurs in the R+T’s conference area. They also receive a highlight in the Innovation Hall of the trade fair. Often, each category has one winner, yet there can be exceptions. One example is the 2021 edition of the contest. During this rendition, several prizewinners per category were honoured. The official ceremony occurs on the Day of Innovations. It serves as the central sub-event for the event day. In general, no more than three submissions can be awarded for each prize category. This also applies to the special prizes within each category.

The R+T Innovation Award is available for all German and foreign exhibitors. They need to register for participation in the Award competition. In general, exhibitors can present only their own products. Yet, exceptions are possible, such as highlighting third-party products. Such a step is only possible if the rights holder has given consent. Also, the presenting of the product must be done in the name of the rights holder. All registered products must be available for the first time since 2019. A few standards must be applied when designating products. This also applies to describing their functions and naming the components. The followable standards are:

  • En 12216 (Shutters, external and internal blinds - December 2018 Terminology, glossary, and definitions)
  • EN 12433-1 (Industrial, commercial, and garage doors/gates - October 1999 Terminology - Part 1: Types of doors)

Participants should note that they can enter only one product per Prize Category. The Prize Categories featured in the Innovation Award are:

  • Roller shutters
  • Gathering/Roman blinds
  • Textile sun protection
  • Outdoor wares
  • Interior protection systems against the sun
  • Drive/control systems for sun protection systems and roller shutters
  • Doors/gates
  • Drive/control systems for doors/gates
  • Building automation
  • Technical textiles
  • Special solutions

The Textile Sun protection category includes several wares. These incorporate awnings such as: 

  • Articulated arm
  • Cassette 
  • Basketware
  • Drop-arm 
  • Vertical with ZIP
  • Scissor-arm 
  • Roof window 

The category also includes awning blinds. The Outdoor category features conservatories/terrace roofing and awnings. Further, they comprise sunshades, sun sails, accessories or such products and pergola awnings. Permissible products for the Special solutions category are window shutters, windows. They also include insect repellent systems, screens, and fences. They further feature textile construction, electrical security equipment, business services, fittings, and furnishings. Outstanding achievements can also receive the Award. This applies even if they have the category prize. For instance, the jury can award recognition to innovative design or sustainability solutions. This also applies to novel craftsmanship ideas. Innovative energy efficiency and young youth talent solutions likewise can earn the Award. If the achievements are particularly successful, the jury can, at their discretion, award a special prize.

The evaluation criteria are among the essential aspects of the competition. They determine the level of innovation and potential each submission has. There are four evaluation criteria. Each has a different level of influence on the final assessment. The evaluation criteria are: 

  • Innovation quality
  • Market potential
  • User-friendliness
  • Product safety 

Of the four, "Innovation quality" has the most influence on the final mark. It assesses the quality of the innovation, including how the product achieves the solution. The market potential is the second most influential criterion. It analyses the potential of the product when released on the market. This features how appealing it will be to the target groups. User-friendliness is the third category that influences the final assessment. It estimates how easy to use the innovation is. This includes clear instructions for use. Product safety also affects the final grade for each submission. It includes assessing the safety of products when being used, produced, and transported.

Products that have received the R+T Innovation Award can use the title to promote their product. The jury will provide a logo for the winner that showcases the title. Attendees should note that the title may include a gradation. An example is the title logo having a 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize or special award marker.

R+T often coincides with events related to the gate/window manufacturing industry. For instance, INTERGASTRA concurred with the 2024 rendition. This is a leading trade fair for the HoReCa industry. This is due to the OUTDOOR.AMBIENCE.LIVING special show. The show is a leading sub-event for sun and weather protection industry specialists, including ones that attend R+T. Examples include manufacturers, distributors, and installers. It presents wares for improving the comfort of restaurants, hotels and catering areas in unfavourable weather. Such include avoiding reduced client flow due to bad weather like snow or rainfall. Attendants can showcase innovative sun and weather protection systems at the show. These range from new awnings to parasols or sails. Slate roofing, as well as accessories, are also among the displayed wares. The special show can aid attendees in achieving recognition for their innovations. They can also form new business contacts and conduct business on-site. OUTDOOR. AMBIENCE. LIVING. takes place in the outdoor areas of Messe Stuttgart.

The ARCHIKON (Regional Congress for Architecture and Urban Development) is another essential sub-event. The sub-event can be invaluable for architects. It is also the meeting platform for political representatives and business delegates. The Congress most often focuses on revitalising and reconceptualising the Baden-Württemberg region. For instance, the 2021 rendition discussed how small to medium-sized rural towns can be designed to be appealing. It also debated what solutions and planning methods would be suitable. The topics were the subjects of discussion of the theme “Rethinking our country”. The Congress comprises a series of lectures and debates. During these sessions, participants can exchange information. They can further learn about new challenges or innovations, and develop solutions.

Among the must-attend sub-events of the R+T is the Doors/Gates Forum. It allows manufacturers and architects to learn about the latest challenges and developments. The Forum consists of brief talks and discussions. The lecturers that attend the Forum are expert representatives of various German associations. Such include the National Federation of Door and Gate Manufacturers. They also feature the Federal Association for Drives and Control Systems.Doors (BAS.T). The ift Rosenheim association additionally attends as expert lecturers. As mentioned, the Door/Gates Forum allows attendees to expand their specialist knowledge. It can also aid them in networking and gaining recognition. Among the example Forum topics are the challenges posed by revised manufacturing standards. They further include the essentials of the CE labelling of doors and gates. Additionally, example topics include how Industry 4.0 affects the door industry.

R+T is the meeting platform for a variety of professionals and industries. For instance, the trade fair can be invaluable for specialists such as:

  • Consultants, pupils, lecturers, and students
  • Auditors, lawyers, tax consultants, and notaries
  • Manufacturers, especially ones that manufacture doors and windows
  • Retailers, dealers, direct-sale store owners/managers
  • Agents or sales representatives
  • General contractors and Building trade unions
  • HORECA (Restaurant, Hotel, Cafe)
  • Construction companies, real estate developers, contractors, investors
  • Architects, civil engineers, project contracting companies
  • Interior designers and decorators
  • Installation, maintenance, and service companies
  • Facility management
  • Industry associations, public institutions and municipalities
  • Universities and other educational institutions
  • Insurance brokers for architects and engineers, general planners, developers, builders


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R+T is a triennial event hosted for 5 days by Landesmesse Stuttgart GmbH. The headquarters of the company, Messe Stuttgart, is the hosting location of the fair. The venue is one of the central exhibition centres of Stuttgart. It is a leading event location that is easy to access from all city areas and its surroundings. You can, for instance, reach the messe in 40 minutes by metro from Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof (central train station). Similarly, you can reach the entry to the venue in 20 minutes from the Stuttgart Airport. 

Stuttgart is Baden-Württemberg's state capital. It is one of the largest and most popular tourist cities in Germany. This is due to the metropolitan area being the hosting location of many trade fairs. Additionally, the metropolis has an extensive and quite well-working public transportation network. This includes a variety of trains, buses, and metros. As a result, you can travel in remote safety and save travelling time. For example, commuting from the Degerloch neighbourhood to the city centre requires 15 to 35 minutes. Likewise, you can reach the Wasen district from Stuttgart-Mitte in 28 minutes by bus.  Travelling to the city from other urban centres is similarly convenient and time-saving.  For instance, you can reach Stuttgart from Heidelberg in forty minutes by train. 

Stuttgart features a diverse range of dining and accommodation alternatives.  For instance, you can select one of the available hostels, hotels, apartments and guest houses. These are available in all districts, such as Degerloch and Stuttgart-Mitte. The dining options include restaurants, bakeries, and cafés. They also feature clubs, speciality food markets, beer gardens, gelaterias, and bars. 

Audience and Statistics

R+T is a high-attendance trade fair that often features over 65,000 participants. Its 2018 rendition, for instance, included 251 German and over 773 international exhibitors. Further, the edition featured over 38,000 foreign and more than 26,000 German visitors. The fair receives during its triennial renditions a total of 140 countries. Among the attending are nations such as:

  • Kuwait
  • Lithuania
  • Spain
  • Hungary
  • Norway
  • Portugal
  • Slovakia
  • UK
  • UAE
  • Canada
  • Austria
  • Sweden
  • Croatia
  • India
  • Australia
  • Indonesia
  • Bahrain
  • Russia
  • China
  • Denmark
  • Ukraine
  • Slovenia
  • Bulgaria
  • Czech Republic
  • Latvia
  • Germany
  • Romania
  • Japan
  • Turkey
  • Italy
  • Belgium
  • Finland
  • Greece
  • Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • Taiwan
  • Brazil
  • France
  • the Netherlands
  • Belarus
  • Poland
  • South Korea
  • New Zealand

R+T is important for industries such as HoReCa, building, and retail. It also has high value for commerce, wholesale, education, media, and services sectors. Further, R+T is a leading trade fair for the manufacturing, real estate, and civil engineering industries. The insurance, interior design, and distribution sectors likewise visit the event. Many statistics show the importance of the event. For instance, 75% of the exhibitors and 59% of visitors represent foreign countries. 90% of participants would recommend R+T. Visitors that have a positive influence on the procurement decisions make up 87%.

Past Editions


The 2021 edition of R + T took place in digital format between 22.02.2021 and 25.02.2021. The edition received 22,000 visitors from 121 countries and 299 exhibitors. 65% of the exhibitors were from foreign countries such as Poland and Italy. 


R+T 2018 transpired between 27.02.2018 - 03.03.2018 at Messe Stuttgart. The event featured 1,027 exhibitors and over 65,000 trade visitors, marking a new achievement for the trade show. This is due to the numbers exceeding the total participants of the 2015 rendition. In addition, the 2018 edition also featured an expanded exhibition space. R+T 2018 occupied ten exhibition halls. 


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