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COUNTRY: Germany
CITY: Stuttgart

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Secure your position in the European markets for industrial parts and surface cleaning with a trip to parts2clean. You join over 230 exhibitors in showcasing the full range of cleaning agents and systems in a dynamic program hosted Germany. As a platform for innovation and delivering solutions in the field of process optimization, the international trade fair a following that’s ever growing internationally. There are more than 7400 trade visitors expected to attend. Do you have where to stay? Travel 2 Fairs ltd points you to the best fits for hotels.

parts2clean is the right environment to launch a product to great success and build your year’s direct sales and orders, whether you’re selling automation systems, clean room systems, cleaning agents, cleaning equipment,laboratory supplies, maintenance equipment,purification system components,recycling equipment, thermal cleaning or processing technology. To get the most out of your business trip, you need to invest in hotel accommodation for trade fairs that works in your favor. Travel 2 Fairs ltd discovers the hotels that cut down on expenses, provide excellent service and are in the near vicinity of the exhibition centre.