Intervitis Interfructa

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COUNTRY: Germany
CITY: Stuttgart

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Intervitis Interfructa has a wide scope that focuses on wine, fruit juice and special crops. As it’s so mixed and diverse, you can expect a dedicated a long-cultivated and expansive audience to be present in Stuttgart, Germany. After all, organizers have dedicated 60,000 square meters to the international trade fair. As expected with such an audience, there’s bound to be a competition for hotels for Intervitis Interfructa. Travel 2 Fairs ltd can show you great leads on hotel rooms at the prices you want.

Hotel accommodation for trade fairs is what we’re good at! Travel 2 Fairs has groomed and grown a sizeable network of hotels, hostels and apartments all over Stuttgart. Whether you’re interested in a property in the direct vicinity of the venue or prefer the quiet outskirts, we have the right deal. Business travel is now cost-effective, swift to plan and efficient. You’ll have a more productive time at Intervitis Interfructa. The program focuses on innovations across the entire value chain from bottling plants, cleaning equipment, control instruments and harvesters to pumps, measuring instruments and packaging machines.