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( 1 February 2022 - 3 February 2022 )
Venue: ExCeL London
Location: UK , London
Organizer: Clarion Events

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Covid-19 Update

ICE London will take place as an in-person event between the 1st and 3rd of February 2022. The venue of choice, ExCeL London, will have a strict COVID-19 prevention plan in place. Attendees can find a detailed overview of the safety plan on the official website of the event.

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ICE London is the leading platform for the gaming and betting technology sector. It is the main event for professionals from all branches and senior positions. This is because the event provides business growth and networking opportunities. During the exhibition, specialists from all branches gather to discuss the latest innovations. Founded in 1990, the event is among the leading events in London’s event calendar. It takes place at ExCeL London.

Business profile of the event

ICE London attracts all gaming types and levels of seniority in the sector. This includes C-suite professionals such as CEOs and others. Gaming types include slots, card games, roulette, sports betting, and so on. The event furthermore attracts professionals such as software developers and equipment manufacturers. The fair additionally attracts payment method specialists such as processing professionals and others. ICE London often features notable companies such as Digitain and GiG as attendees. 

What is new for ICE London 2022?

Ice London 2022 will feature several inspiring keynote speakers. These include Tom Watson, Ulrik Bengtsson, Itai Pazner, and Pontus Lindwall. Each of these speakers will provide insight on or more topics of interest. 

Tom Watson will host the Reforming Gambling Policy. The lecture will provide a policymaker’s perspective on reforming gambling policies. 

The Leaders in Gaming Keynote Panel will include:

  • Ulrik Bengtsson
  • Itai Pazner
  • Pontus Lindwall. 

The 3 CEOs will partake as speakers along with some of the gaming industry’s largest influencers. The Panel will provide insight into the next decade of gaming. The discussion panel will open ICE Vox. It will focus on technology, sustainability, and advertising. It will also focus on industry leaders and their role in responsible gambling.

Did you know? 

ICE London is an international exhibition that allows gaming industry professionals to network. It is also a fair that provides ample opportunities for expanding specialist knowledge. Furthermore, ICE London serves as the main hub for discovering innovative technologies. 

The trade show can help professionals through its comprehensive exhibition and support program. The main event of the fair is the exhibition. During the exposition, over 600 solution experts showcase their latest innovations and products. This allows visitors to conduct business and form new connections while attending. The exhibition includes 10 sectors that represent all branches of industrial production. This includes the traditional one-armed bandits and gaming software platforms. It also features mobile games development products and payment methods.

ICE London also includes a detailed multi-track conference known as the ICE VOX. The Conference addresses various current and future gaming market issues. ICE Vox consists of several sub-conferences.  

One of the sub-conferences is the World Regulatory Briefing or WrB. It is a meeting event for international regulators, legislators, and operators. The Briefing consists of roundtables and panel discussions where attendees discuss several issues. These include regulatory enforcement, regtech, uniform compliance approaches, and new markets. The WrB also focuses on how the public perceives gambling and regulatory enforcement. It furthermore features discussions on how internal company cultures affect sustainability. 

Another sub-conference is the International Casino Conference or ICC. It is a meeting event focused on casino optimization, development, and opportunity. The ICC provides casino experts with solutions for modernizing their enterprises. It also provides them with information about the IR market. Among the subjects of interest are casino optimization, loyalty, customer experience, and entertainment. They furthermore include topics such as technology and acquisition and retention. 

The Hospitality Summit is also part of the ICE VOX. It is a sub-conference focused on gaming-tailored hospitality. The event focuses on ways to improve the visitor experience for gaming customers. The conference discusses innovative technology methods for creating a seamless visitor experience. The discussions feature leading industry experts and hospitality professionals sharing their success stories. It also focuses on using innovative technologies to create a sustainable revenue stream. The methods will focus on ways to tend to an audience with ever-increasing demands. Subjects include “How to use hospitality tech to impress gaming and non-gaming guests”. They also feature “attracting non-gaming guests” and “monetising entertainment and attractions”. It furthermore focuses on “Building brand loyalty with GenZ and Millennials”

The ICE VOX support programme also features the Cybercrime & Security track. The event is the meeting location for professionals in the online betting sector. It is where such specialists can learn about new solutions to certain challenges. Among them are AML and GDPR conflicts and reducing a digital attack surface. During the track, attendees can gain valuable insight into compliance. They can furthermore learn about and best practices for keeping money and data safe. During the event, leading industry experts share their success stories and challenges. This includes instances of fraud, money laundering, hacking, and data breaches. The topics also include restrictions for progressing with biometric data for verification. The subjects additionally feature how to risk-based and simple approaches to fraud processes. Attendees can also gain insights into information security in the ever-changing cyber-crime landscape. 

ICE VOX can also provide information to attendees working in the lotteries sector. This is due to the support program featuring the Modernising Lotteries Event. This is where professionals working with lotteries can gain insight into different challenges. Among them is the conflict between private and national lotteries. It furthermore features discussions on regulation changes and lottery liquidity. Other topics of interest at the Event include the death of retail and innovations. 

Advertising and marketing specialists can look forward to the Advertising & Marketing Event. The meeting platform focuses on subjects related to innovations and global issues. It is where such professionals can learn about creative planning strategies. Such as engaging as many prospects as possible without violating regulations. During the event, key stakeholders share their customer acquisition and retention strategies. During such lectures, attendees can learn about saturated markets in Europe. They furthermore can gain insight into bonus usages, GDPR, and technology innovations. Attendants can additionally learn about advertising bans or limitations. 

Each of the meeting summits in ICE VOX has lectures hosted by notable speakers. Such include experts such as Johnson Adewale Foye, Ranjana Adhikari, and others.

The ICE London exhibition can provide ample opportunities for professionals such as:

  • C-Suite executives such as CEOs, COOs, CFOs, and others
  • Project Managers including Payments, Live Casino, Integration, and so on
  • Heads of Departments such as Marketing, Finance, Payments, Compliance, and others
  • QA specialists such as Engineers, Team Leaders, Testers, and so on
  • Web Developers and Coders, including Backend or Frontend specialists 
  • Legal or Addiction Counsellors
  • Product Owners including Live Casino
  • Marketing professionals include Marketing, Social Media and Content Writing
  • Hospitality-related specialists such as Concierges, Chef Du Cuisines, Casino Hosts, and so on
  • Security and Audit professionals such as Gaming Surveillance officers, Audit Investigators, and others 

Gambling start-up companies and entrepreneurs can look forward to the PITCH ICE. This is an event where such attendees can pitch their innovative projects. 

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ICE London is an annual event hosted by Clarion Events Ltd at ExCeL London for 3 days. The opening hours for the trade show are between 10 am and 6 pm for the first two days. The last day of the event is available to attendees between 10 am and 4 pm. 

ExCeL London is one of London’s leading venues. It is an event location that is easy to access from different areas in the metropolis. This is due to its extensive public transport links. For example, there is a metro and bus line that connects the venue to London City Airport. These links allow visitors to reach the location in 12 to 20 minutes. Likewise, the site has public transport connections to the St Pancras International Station. For example, metro lines can allow you to arrive at the venue in 40 to 50 minutes. ExCeL London is within walking distance of many transportation hubs. For example, the London City Airport is an 18-minutes walk from the venue. 

London has an extensive public transport system. Visitors can choose between buses, trains, metros, and taxis to reach different areas. Costs for using public transport can vary. For example, metros and buses are quite affordable when using a Visitor Oyster Card. London has plenty of accommodation and dining options.  For example, the city provides a range of guest houses, hostels, hotels, and apartments. Dining options include street vendors, market stalls, bars, pubs, clubs, supermarkets, and restaurants. When considering accommodation opt for Notting Hill, Angel, Holborn, Brixton, and Camden. As alternatives, you consider Soho, Stoke Newington, Bloomsbury, and Waterloo. 

Audience and Statistics

ICE London is a high-profile and high-attendance event. Its 2020 edition for example included over 35000 attendees from 65 countries. Among the represented countries were nations such as the UK and the USA, as well as Japan, China, and Armenia. Specialists from all branches of the gaming and betting industry attend the fair. The fair also attracts hospitality, IT, and education professionals. 


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