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COUNTRY: Germany
CITY: Nürnberg

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You won’t find a more thorough overview of cutting-edge advancements in the electronic systems and embedded systems sectors than Embedded World. The international trade fair has only been growing in importance as concepts such as the Internet of Things and autonomous systems have found the root. Where is this happening? Nuremberg, Germany and editions are scheduled at the end of February every year. Embedded World presents an overview of the entire value chain and visitors have access to cutting-edge advancements in bus controllers, computer modules, memory chips, microcontrollers, operating systems, optoelectronic components and microprocessors. What is other strength?

  • For exhibitors, it’s the incredible potential customer base as editions now amass 32,000 trade visitors on a regular basis;
  • Focus on fostering new talent and innovations through the university AWARD;
  • It’s a unifying meeting place for major industries in the European Union as the technology presented is of interest for everyone from the military and telecommunications sectors to consumer electronics.

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