COUNTRY: Germany
CITY: Dortmund

Upcoming Dates

It’s time again to see the full spectrum of creative arts and design in one place - CREATIVA. The leading exhibition for creative design gains ever more traction as it makes a great comeback with over 700 exhibitors covering everything from painting to jewellery making. Right now, organizers are preparing to accommodate over 80,000 visitors in the exhibition halls. One thing is certain – there’s going to be a high demand for rooms near the venue. Book a hotel for CREATIVA without stress and paying exorbitant prices. Your travel arrangements are safe with Travel 2 Fairs ltd.

Online hotel reservations are the main and biggest financial obstacle to dedicating yourself to more business travel. T2F commits to reducing this burden through bespoke hotel deals that aim to keep expenses low without compromising on the quality. We work fast, so you can choose between options in day. It’s simple makes the experience at CREATIVA productive, easy and lucrative. Exhibition space is dedicated to the full product range - equipment, tools, weaving, handicrafts, painting, woodwork, metalwork and jewelry making. In addition to the marketplace, the event hosts several workshops that bring to life the materials and tools.