CMT logo
COUNTRY: Germany
CITY: Stuttgart

It’s to decide on what the most exciting destinations for the tourism, leisure and holiday industries are going to be and the place to set the tone is CMT. This international exhibition serves the region surrounding Stuttgart, Germany as well as most of Europe as you have over 2000 exhibitors participating. You’ll discover the latest trends and variations surrounding caravan, camping and the ever growing motor tourism.Travel 2 Fairs ltd takes charge when it comes to your next steps securing hotels for CMT and does so at no extra charge.

CMT covers the entire spectrum of the travel and leisure sectors. You have the classic halls dedicated to caravanning with over1,000 caravans, motorhomes and recreational vehicles lined up for visitors. Not to mention there are going to be over 120 world premieres. The exhibition also brings in trends in family and individual travel, cycling, golf, wellness and culture. Planning any form of business travel can be costly, so if you want optimal prices on hotel accommodation, you come to Travel 2 Fairs ltd. From room rates, location in Stuttgart and star rank, you have complete control and we deliver your dream deal.