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Spain is among the leading and central countries of the European ecological protection and waste industry. It is likewise pivotal for the global environmental protection and waste segment. This is due to the state featuring a highly comprehensive and high-value ecological protection and waste sector. It consists of more than 9 900 enterprises throughout the country. They represent the entire value chain. This includes small and medium-sized enterprises and extensive, time-honoured corporations. They employ more than 140 300 specialists throughout the country. It also results in the production of high turnovers. For example, according to recent reports, the industry is expected to exceed 26 424 000 000 EUR. Additionally, the sector is among the economic segments with high spending and investments. For example, in recent years, the industry has expended up to 2 267 000 000 EUR. It has also received investments of up to and more than 19 417 600 000 EUR, which represent more than 1.50% of the state’s GDP. A significant number of these expenditures are allocated for the sector’s further development. This is done through extensive research projects. Often, it displays its latest innovations during biannual trade expos. Such events, hosted in diverse cities, attract tens of thousands of attendees.