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COUNTRY: Germany
CITY: Köln

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Gain footing in the ever-growing and rich Asian markets for the house, home and garden with a trip to Asia-Pacific Sourcing at the start of spring. Close to 700 exhibitors curate the latest lines in a variety of product groups from home appliances and textiles to fitness equipment and bathrooms. Attendance circles around 6600 trade visitors. Do you have your business travel arrangements in order? Travel 2 Fairs ltd assists you in picking the best hotels for Asia-Pacific Sourcing.

Travel 2 Fairs ltd stream lines the process behind procuring accommodation into a single business day. One phone consultation is enough to receive your online hotel reservation for trade fairs no matter where in the world you’re headed. We understand that you wish to keep expenses to a bare minimum and our service reflects that. The more you save, the more you invest in Asia-Pacific Sourcing. The trade fair might be smaller compared to other of its kind, but the diversity of products is anything but. Product categories include building materials, burglar alarm systems, camping equipment,kitchen appliances, lacquers, lamps, lanterns, and much more.