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( 3 September 2023 - 5 September 2023 )
Venue: Olympia
Location: UK , London
Organizer: PLASA Events Ltd

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PLASA Update

PLASA 2023 will be held between 03.09.2023 and 05.09.2023 at "Olympia London". The UK currently does not have domestic or travel restrictions.


PLASA Show London is the United Kingdom's leading entertainment technology summit and trade fair. It is held annually in "Olympia London" and attended by over 7,200 participants. Additionally, the PLASA trade show is attended by around 40 speakers, including CEOs. Such participants attend to complete a diverse range of business objectives. These range from increasing sales/recognition to expanding networks and gaining insight. These are discussed and overviewed by various specialists, including company owners, rigging experts and freelance professionals. The PLASA Leeds (PLASA Focus) often follows the event.

About PLASA London

The PLASA Show features several showstoppers that participants should consider attending. These include the Plasa Awards for Innovation, the Seminar+Workshop Programme, the Lighting Training and the Audio Demos. The leading exhibitors at the event are BECTU, Yamaha, Bose Corporation, Sony, Disney Cruise Line, Philips Entertainment, the International New York Times and the Association of Sound Designers. PLASA Lighting Show showcases the latest wares of sectors, such as broadcast, multimedia, consumer electronics, AV, photography, and movies.

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Due to the corona pandemic (COVID-19), trade fair and event information may be obsolete. You can get more information from the organiser.

Past Editions

PLASA London 2019

The 2019 edition of the event, which took place between 15.09.2019 and 17.09.2019, was one of the most active editions. Over 220 brands attended it during its hosting in "Olympia London".

PLASA London 2021

PLASA Show London 2021 demonstrated that the event is a trade show that adapts to the latest changes in the industry. Its 2021 edition, for instance, featured show areas dedicated to providing guidance. Among them was the #WeMakeEvents Hub, where several initiatives and charities, such as Backup, Acting for Others, #MakeItBlue and others, provided information about the latest courses and projects. PLASA Show 2021 also included many debut product presentations, such as the flagship Diamond 9 console.

PLASA London 2022

PLASA 2022 continued the success of the 2021 edition. It was held live in "Olympia London". Due to the removal of the pandemic-related restrictions in the UK, the venue did not include Covid-19 safety measures. This was due to the removal of the pandemic-related restrictions. This was welcomed by the over 140 exhibitors, many of whom debuted new products, such as AED Audio's multipurpose products and their capacity to be arranged into 23 setups.

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