CITY: Stockholm

Upcoming Dates

!!! Important !!! The 2020 edition of NORDBYGG has been officially postponed for September by the organisers due to coronavirus. NEW dates coming soon ...

NORDBYGG dominates the construction industry for the Northern European region as the must-attend international trade fair for everyone from building professionals to representatives of the real estate industry. The upcoming edition come to Stockholm, Sweden on April 21st where over 800 exhibitors are going to showcase the best in materials, tools, machines and equipment. Proceedings go on for four days with an official closing April 24th and prognoses place attendance in the thousands. This is your cue to compare hotels in Stockholm for the best deal and the place to land the top price is Travel 2 Fairs ltd.

T2F presents travelers with an online hotel reservation for trade fairs that’s completely tailored to their needs and preferences. Business travel is now completely bespoke! After one brief consultation, our team assembles a list with properties that are near the exhibition venue and don’t burden your budget. Cut down on costs and commuting times! NORDBYGG is the occasion to invest in your hotel stay as it’s a vast market place covering every nice from real estate practices and regulations to plumbing equipment to building ceramics. It’s the perfect venue to grow sales numbers and break into desirable international markets.