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( 4 February 2023 - 6 February 2023 )
Location: Italy , Milan
Organizer: Fiera Milano S.p.A.

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The 2023 edition of the fair will take place between the 4th of February and the 6th of February 2023. The format of the event is in-person. Rho Fiera Milano will serve as the hosting location for the event and will not feature Covid-19 safety measures. This is due to the removal of the country's pandemic-related restrictions.

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MIDO is Europe and Italy's premier eyewear event. It was founded in 1970 and has been the leading fair for the eyewear sector since. The event showcases the latest design trends and advanced optometry solutions. Over 1500 companies and designers attend the fair. The fair takes place at the Fiera Milano and is one of Milano's leading MICE events. 

Business Profile of the Event

The MIDO is a leading event for the eyewear sector and its related industries. These include medicine technology, ophthalmic optics, health, and fashion. Specialists such as manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors visit the fair. Agents, representatives, and exclusive retailers also visit the fair. So do eye specialists such as optometrists, opticians, and ophthalmologists. Fashion stylists and manufacturers also attend the event, as do many media representatives. Notable companies that have exhibited are Divel, Peter Coombs Eyewear and Tom Ford Eyewear. 

Did You Know? 

MIDO is a trade fair that provides opportunities for expanding specialist knowledge and networking. It is also an event that allows for reassessing the sector, including competitors. It is also a platform where important business purchases can be made. The fair can also help in expanding your business. This is due to the event showcasing the newest trends. Trends that when incorporated into portfolios or catalogues can increase sales. MIDO has a detailed programme that helps in completing goals such as networking. This includes 8 exhibition areas which enhance the experience of attending.

The first exhibition area is the Fashion District. It is the area where visitors can examine the newest eyewear collections. Companies both large, medium and small showcase their collections at the area. Many start-ups and aspiring designers also exhibit at this zone. Another exhibition area of interest is the MORE! It is a showcase zone where visitors can study revolutionary and new eyewear projects. This area is a favoured location by aspiring companies as it allows them to gain recognition. 

Similar in intent to the MORE is the Design Lab, which shows the most avant-garde collections. It is furthermore the zone where visitors can see the latest trends as implemented ideas. A dedicated space within the Design Lab is the Lab Academy. This is where a select group of innovative companies show their collections. Each company within the area has been selected by a special committee.

The Lens Pavilion should be of particular interest to eye specialists. This is because of the area showcasing ophthalmic lenses. In particular, the exhibition zone shows the latest technological innovations made by international manufacturers. In this area, professionals can find previews of the latest vision-improving solutions. The Lens Pavilion is also where the Otticlub can be found.  The Otticlub is a dedicated meeting space where visitors can expand their knowledge. This is due to the Club presenting seminars, workshops, presentations, conferences, and events. The topics focus on the vision and optical sectors and include the latest developments. 

Another exhibition zone of interest is the FaiR East. This is where Asian manufacturers show their latest collections and innovations. This allows such companies to both expand their business and gain recognition. It can also help European and American buyers learn about the Asian branch of the market. Visitors should not overlook visiting the Tech zone. The location shows the latest developments in manufacturing eyewear. These include machinery, raw materials and components used to manufacturing frames or lenses. 

Attendees should not overlook visiting the Press Village. The Village is where representatives of the main trade magazines for the sector gather. Such include journalists, editors, photographers, and others searching for information and news. This allows companies to increase brand awareness and gain recognition for innovations. 

Besides the exhibition areas, the fair includes 2 notable award ceremonies. The first is the Bestore Award, a special award given to optical stores who have won in 1 of 3 categories. These include the Bestore Design, the Bestore Innovation and Your Bestore. The Bestore Design is where nominees compete for the best eyewear design. Bestore Innovation focuses on the best innovation for the year. Another Award ceremony of interest is the Stand-Up for Green Award. This is a prize awarded to the most nature-conscious exhibitors. 

MIDO is a fair that can provide help to many specialists. Such include eyewear manufacturers, distributors and exclusive retailers. Retail agents and representatives should not overlook attending as well. So should eye specialists, fashion stylists and manufacturers. Media representatives should consider attending as well to learn about the newest trends.

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MIDO is an annual 3-day fair organized by Mido Srl Unipersonale. It takes place at Fiera Milano, one of Milano's leading event venues. The fair's opening hours are between 9 am and 7 pm for the first 2 days and between 9 am and 6 pm for the last day. Fiera Milano has a convenient location. This allows visitors to save time when commuting. For instance, you can reach the venue from the airport in 30 minutes by car or taxi. Via public transport, the same distance would take you 60 minutes. From the central station of the city to the venue, the travelling time is 25 minutes via taxi and 20 by bus or metro. There are several options for reaching the venue from nearby cities. These include trains, buses, and cars. By train, from the neighbouring city of Monza, you would reach the messe in 56 minutes. By car, the same distance would take 30 minutes.

Milan is a city with an extensive public transport system. It has a network that includes taxis, trains, and buses. The city is easy to navigate as the routes can be found in detailed maps close to the stations. Commuting times tend to be brief. For instance, from the Milan Linate Airport to the city centre, the travelling time is 30 minutes by car or bus.  

Milan has a diverse range of accommodation and dining options. Visitors can find apartments, hotels, guest houses and hostels in many areas of the city. Such include Isola, Navigli, Brera, and the city centre. Other recommended districts include San Siro, Arco Della Pace, and Corso Buenos Aires. The Porta Venezia district is also a suitable area, as are nearby cities like Monza.

Audience and Statistics

MIDO is a fair that tends to attract around 60,000 attendees. For instance, the 2018 edition of the fair received 1,305 exhibitors and 58,000 visitors. Attendees represented countries such as Russia, the USA, Japan, and Italy. Spain, Greece, Romania, and China were also among the sovereign states who visited the fair. Several industries come to the event during its editions. Such include the medicine and medical technology sectors, as well as the ophthalmic optics industry. Health and fashion specialists also visit. So do wholesale, media and retail professionals. Often attendees are important decision-makers such as CEOs, heads of departments, or manufacturers. Suppliers also visit the fair, with many having the option to make important business decisions.

Past Editions


MIDO 2022 occurred as a hybrid trade fair at Fiera Milano Rho. It was held between the dates 30.04.2022–02.05.2022 with the venue featuring Covid-19 safety measures such as social distancing and mandatory face masks. The edition featured 22,000 visitors from over 50 countries and more than 660 exhibitors from 45 nations.






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