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MCE 2022 has been postponed due to the pandemic. The event will be held in an in-person format. The event will take place at the Milan Fair Centre or Fiera Milano. The dates for the fair are between 28.06.2022 – 01.07.2022. The upcoming edition of MCE will have a strict COVID-19 prevention plan in place. This will include the following:

  • Attendees will be able to enter the exhibition grounds after providing proof of recovery, vaccination, or negative test results. Negative test results must be no more than 48 hours old when presented. The second vaccination dose must have taken place 14 days before the event. The proof of recovery must be between three and six months old. Attendees must submit proof of attendance in digital format and present the documents when arriving in Italy.
  • Attendants should wash their hands as often as they need to. Attendees should avoid handshakes and other physical forms of networking.
  • Face masks are required for all attendees. They must also keep a 1-metre distance from others when coughing or sneezing. 
  • Several significant changes will be made to the venue. The inclusion of large entrance areas, floor markings, and wide aisles is one of the changes that will take place. This is required in order to maintain the recommended social distance of 1.5 meters. Disinfectant dispensers will be placed in strategic locations to aid in hand disinfection. Cleaning of high-touch areas will take every few hours.

Calling Card

The MCE is the leading event for the HVAC+R, energy efficiency and renewable energy sectors. It is the international platform where professionals working in these sectors gather. The fair is the meeting event for industries such as air conditioning. The MCE allows for professionals to form new connections and learn new trends. Founded in 1960, the MCE is a biannual fair that takes place at Fiera Milano, Milano’s leading event venue. The fair is one of the main events in Milano’s event calendar. 

Business Profile of the Event

MCE is a fair that attracts professionals from several industries. Such include heating and refrigeration companies as well as air conditioning ones. Home & building automation professionals likewise attend the fair as do electrical installation experts. Many construction companies visit the MCE. So do specialists working in the production and distribution of renewable energy. Among them are companies and technicians who specialise in producing and distributing hydropower. Experts operating with biofuels, wind, and solar power likewise visit. MCE is also a fair attended by maintenance professionals, retail agents and representatives. Many showroom managers likewise visit. So do academic members of universities and research institutes. The fair is a platform where visitors include energy managers, agents, CEOs and others. 

Exhibitors feature names such as AAA International Holding Company Limited. Other examples include ABN Pipe Sistems S.L.U. and AET Manufacturing LTD. 

What is New for MCE 2022?

The 2022 edition of MCE will feature the motto” The essence of comfort”. Based on this motto, several aspects of the trade fair will change. This will include a new exhibition layout. The layout will promote homogeneity and continuity in several sectors. Each detail of the layout has undergone careful planning to meet attendee needs. 

The MCE 2022 will also feature a new feature known as the MCE-Connect. This feature will allow companies to promote their services before the fair begins. It will also permit them to pre-arrange meetings with potential new connections. These include potential partners and customers. 

The motto of the fair will also affect the exhibition areas of the fair. The 2022 edition will include the following zones:

  • Indoor Climate

The zone will showcase the latest and advanced technologies for improving living comfort. These technologies will focus on managing key factors of health and well-being. The innovations will focus on energy efficiency, improved integrity, and strong renewable components. Each innovation will help to provide a diverse range of solutions. Each solution guarantees the creating of a pleasant, safe, productive, and sustainable environment. 

  • Water Solutions

The zone will focus on showcasing flexible optimal water resource use production solutions. Each innovation guarantees system efficiency, high duration, and optimal effectiveness. They also ensure high cost-saving and maintaining hygiene. The solutions will focus on providing professionals with simple and reliable alternatives. Functionally- and aesthetically renowned elements will form the base of each alternative. Additionally, each innovation will include the extensive use of customized and innovative materials.

  • Plant Technologies

The area will show an advanced and complete range of construction components. Each showcased product will permit building simple or complex systems. They will also showcase solutions for solving contingent situations. The showcased products will also show ways of achieving maximal performance. Besides components, the zone will include a showcasing of tools. 

  • That’s Smart

The area will show control/metering devices and efficient resource management solutions. It will also feature energy exchange and generation alternatives. These solutions and alternatives will help to create new business models. And to strengthen existing carbon neutrality strategies.

  • Biomass

The zone will exhibit biomass fuel systems, components and products. This will include pellets, biomass heating fuels, cogeneration systems, and boilers. It will also feature flues, stoves, burners, thermo stoves, fireplaces, and others. The exhibited items will show innovative machines and technologies. The exhibited products have residential and industrial use variants 

MCE will also include a new event – Intelligent use of water

The event will present new smart technological solutions for the bathroom environment. It will also show means for the best use of water resources. The event will feature 2 main themes in different aspects. The themes are comfort and water. The considered aspects include design, sustainability, safety, materials, and savings.

Did You Know? 

MCE is a trade fair that can help professionals in achieving several goals. Such include networking via finding new connections and strengthening current ones. It can furthermore aid them in expanding their specialist knowledge. This is achievable by providing means of learning about new technologies and trends. Likewise, the MCE can help attendees in expanding their business. 

The Mostra Convegno Expocomfort is a with a high profile and rating. It has a comprehensive exhibition and many events of interest in its programme. Such include the Factory4.NOW. During the event real-time demonstrations of production lines take place. Another main event, the That’s Smart, showcases IoT and smart solutions. These focus on electric mobility, automation of home and building, and smart metering. they also concentrate on renewable energy alternatives. The Percose Efficienza & Innovazione showcases plant engineering sector products.

The Energy Efficiency 4.0 is an event that consists of a series of dedicated workshops. The workshops' topics focus on subjects related to the healthcare sector. Such include means of creating a healthy and sustainable environment in hospitals. The MEP BIM Forum is the main event many professionals look forward to. It is where the discussion of new digital HVAC plant opportunities takes place. Such include the design, management, and installation of such plants. 

During the Forum, specialist companies present the most functional HVAC plant design tools. These presentations take the form of information sessions or case histories. They can also occur as an exchange of experiences. During the Forum, discussions focus on the potential of BIM technology. The MCE’s program also includes many conferences and seminars. 

MCE is a fair that can help professionals from several industries. Such include the heating and refrigeration as well as air conditioning industries. Members that should consider attending include installation and maintenance technicians. Design professionals, sales agents, energy managers, refrigeration specialists, and mechanics should also visit. HVAC/R business owners and supervisors ought to consider attending as well. Professionals working in the renewable energy and construction sectors should not overlook visiting. Such include engineers, energy specialists, architecture and design consultants, contractors, and environmental consultants. Retail specialists such as showroom owners likewise should opt to visit the fair. As should home & building automation professionals. 

Start-ups can look forward to the MEP BIM Forum as well as the exhibition. They should also consider finding opportunities via the MCE-Connect feature. 

Your Hotel Room in Milano

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The Mostra Convegno Expocomfort is a biannual event that takes place at Fiera Milano for 4 days. Reed Exhibitions Italia S.r.l organizes the event with visiting hours being between 9 am and 6:30 pm. 

Fiera Milano is a leading event venue with a convenient location. The exhibition centre is accessible from many areas of the city. Such include the airport, the central railway station and nearby cities like Turin. For example, you can reach the venue from the Milan Linate Airport in 57 minutes by bus or in 25 by taxi. Likewise, the travelling time from the central railway station to the centre is 22 mins by taxi and 19 by metro. 

Milano is one of Italy’s prime tourist cities. It is a metropolitan city with ample accommodation and dining options. This allows visitors to find suitable alternatives depending on their needs and budget. For instance, there are hostels, guest houses, and hotels throughout the city and surroundings. This includes districts such as Citta Studi and nearby cities like Genoa. Milan is a city that is easy to navigate and reach. This is due to the extensive public transport network the metropolis has. The network consists of trains, buses, and taxis. The transport lines run at regular intervals ranging from 10 to 60 minutes. The city has many well-organized commutes connecting the districts. For instance, it would take 32 minutes to the Linate Airport via metro and bus. The public transport system also links Milan to other cities such as Turin. This permits saving time when travelling. For instance, you can reach Milan’s city centre in 50 minutes from Turin via train. 

Audience and Statistics

MCE is a high-profile event that attracts around 165000 attendees. For instance, the 2018 edition received around 2400 exhibitors and 162165 visitors. Attendees represented 140 countries including Italy, Australia, the USA, and the UK. Japan, China, the Czech Republic, Spain, Poland also had representatives. As were the Netherlands and Turkey. Attendants presented different industries such as heating, refrigeration, and air conditioning. They also presented the construction, services, and water treatment ones. Likewise, trade delegates represented the education, retail, and home & building automation sectors. Trade visitors represented sectors such as renewable energy, HVAC/R, and others. 




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