( 4 October 2023 - 6 October 2023 )
Location: Germany , Munich
Organizer: Messe Munich

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Expo Real 2023 will take place at Messe Munich between 04.10.2023 and 06.10.2023. Because of the removal of the pandemic-related restrictions, the face-to-face trade event will not feature COVID-19 safety precautions. The organisers have declared that they will continue to follow the pandemic situation and adjust regulations as needed.

Calling Card

Expo Real is Europe’s prime investment and real estate trade show. Founded in 1998, it is the main meeting location for professionals in three industries. These are the real estate, banking, and investment sectors. Expo Real is the prime hub for the initiating of international projects. It is also the location where specialists can expand their business networks. The fair serves as the main event for expanding specialist knowledge. The fair furthermore acts as the central location for exchanging ideas. The event takes place every year at Messe Munich. 

Business Profile of the Event

Expo Real is the leading event for the banking, real estate, and investments sectors. It is where real estate investors, asset management companies and insurance providers meet. The fair is additionally where foundations, and financiers gather. The event is the meeting place for commercial, savings and mortgage banks. Leasing companies also attend. So do developers such as real estate, project, site or district ones. Insurance and real estate service providers, pension funds, and project controllers often attend. 

Construction projects, assets, property, and facility managers also visit the fair. As do real estate appraisers, architects, consultants, brokers, auditors, and legal advisers. Visitors often feature market research institutes, marketing companies and HR consultant firms. Site and property operators visit Expo Real. Operators of train stations, ports, airports, or parking spaces also attend. So do Economic region agencies such as the ones working on the city, regional or district scale. 

Many IT professionals or companies attend including digital sales platforms. They also include computer-aided facility management, CRM applications, and asset management software. Many associations tend to exhibit as do professional training institutes and universities. The fair is among the leading events for media representatives. Notable companies that attend include the Plaza Hotel Group, Kaufland, Lidl, and Aldi. 

Did You Know? 

Expo Real is a trade show that can help professionals in completing several goals. Among them is networking including maintaining and establishing new contacts. Additionally, the event can help them in presenting their company and products. Many also attend to cultivate the image of their business by gaining recognition. Professionals seeking to expand their specialist knowledge visit the conference program.

Expo Real has a detailed and extensive support programme. One of the main events in the schedule is the comprehensive exhibition. The event allows attendees to overview the banking, investment and banking sector. This includes conception, financing, design, marketing and operation aspects. The exhibition often receives over 45000 visitors.

The fair features 4 property-related zones at the exhibition. These are Hotel, Logistics, Retail and Innovation. The Innovation Zone allows start-ups to showcase their novel digital and smart solutions. Often the focal points are aspects such as big data and affordable housing. The NOVA3 hall is the location where attendees can find the Innovation Area. 

The joint LogRealCampus is the dedicated zone for Logistics. It is where attendants working in the logistics industry can exhibit their products. The area often features professionals such as developers, and logistics property companies. The area serves as the main location for both logistic specialists and investors. The zone features marketing, catering services and the plug-and-sell option. This allows attendees to network and exhibit by connecting their laptops. 

The World of Hospitality is the dedicated zone for hotel and hospitality companies. It is where exhibitors such as hotel operators show their latest innovations. This allows attendees to show solutions for hotel development, location search, and others. The zone also features the Think Tank and the Investment Barometer Survey. Often, the zone also includes new additions such as the Hotel Lounge. Such additions allow leading hotel groups to network. 

The Grand Plaza is the dedicated retail area of the Expo Real exhibition. It is where the retail exhibitors can gather and showcase their products. It is also where such attendants discuss the latest issues, strategies and concepts. The zone furthermore serves as the main networking location for such attendees. This includes meeting the food, drugstore, textile sectors. 

Expo Real also features a comprehensive conference programme. The programme allows over 500 international experts to exchange information and network. This includes members of the real estate, finance, politics, environment and others. Among the main forums and conferences that form the conference programme is Career Day. 

Career Day features presentations and discussions on topics such as job profiles. Subjects also include career prospects in the retail, hotel, and logistics sectors. Additionally, Career Day helps to promote idea exchange within the real estate sector. Besides the sub-conference, the event also features the job market and workstations. These allow companies to present themselves to students, graduates and aspiring professionals. This can help such attendees in finding suitable job positions. 

Another event of interest is the Discussion & Networking Forum. It is a forum hosted in Hall B1 where real estate sector members can discuss and network. They can also expand their knowledge and gain recognition. They should keep in consideration yet that some lecturers may be in a foreign language. This should be noted as simultaneous interpretation is not available for the forum. 

The Expo Real Forum is another main event in the conference schedule of Expo real. It is where discussions on investment strategies and social changes take place. Reviews of different asset classes and locations also occur at this Forum. 

The Planning & Partnerships Forum is among the main events of the conference programme. The Forum focuses on the visions and challenges of healthcare and hotel properties. This is where leading experts showcase special-purpose properties and explain expansion strategies. Urban development innovations and trends are also among the Forum’s discussion topics. 

The Real Estate Innovation Forum can help start-ups in gaining recognition. The Forum features discussions led by experts related to real estate digitalisation. During the discussions recommendations and analysis of several topics take place. This includes subjects such as “Life, living and work in the future”. Other topics also include “Strategies for the future for Start-ups”. “Digitalisation in the Housing Industry” is also a frequent subject of discussion. 

The Tech Alley often coincides with the Real Estate Innovation Forum. It is a zone dedicated to start-ups. In particular, the area promotes companies who specialise in protech, contect and fintech. Such companies can attend the zone if their founding has taken place within the last 7 years. they must also have been on the market for at least 3 years. The Alley allows such start-ups to gain recognition for real estate-digital solutions in:

  • Plan & Build
  • Manage & Operate
  • Research & Valuate
  • Market
  • Invest & Finance.

The Conference programme of the Expo real also often feature the Tech Talk Stage. This is where innovative showcases and debates take place. Such debates and showcases allow visitors and start-ups to show their novelties. The Talks also permit networking that in turn promotes collaboration. Each session features a partner of the Real Estate Innovation Network as a moderator. Said moderators will present insights related to the ecosystem in question. They will also introduce the subject and the upcoming pitches. 

Expo Real is a must-attend for many banking, investments, and real estate professionals. Such include investors, asset management companies, insurance providers, foundations, and financiers. Additionally, bankers, leasing companies, developers, pension funds, and project controllers should consider visiting. So should construction projects, asset, property, and facility managers. Real estate appraisers, architects, brokers, auditors, and legal advisers should not overlook attending. Neither should market research institutes, PR and marketing companies and HR consultant firms. Property and site operators should opt to attend. Operators of train stations, ports, airports, or parking spaces ought to consider visiting. So should Economic region agencies. IT professionals can gain from attending the fair. Professional education and training institutes, universities and media representatives should consider visiting.

Students, graduates, young professionals, and start-ups can look forward to several events. This includes the Tech Talk Stage, the Tech Alley, the Innovation Forum, and Career Day.

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Expo Real is an annual fair that takes place at Messe Munich for 3 days. Messe München GmbH organises the event. For the first two days of the fair, exhibitors can attend between 7:30 am and 7:00 pm. Visitors can attend for the first two days between 9:00 am and 7:00 pm. For the last day of the event, exhibitors can attend between 7:30 am and 4:00 pm. For visitors, the fair will be available between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm on the last day. 

Messe Munich is a leading event venue with a convenient location and easy access. For example, you can access the messe in 25 minutes by metro from the city's central railway station. Likewise, the commuting time from the international airport to the venue is 50 minutes by bus. The venue is close to nearby cities such as Freising. Visitors have several transport alternatives. These include public transport such as using the bus or metro. Such an alternative will allow you to reach the venue in 55 minutes. Other alternatives include renting a car or ordering a taxi. Such options will permit reaching the event site in 35 minutes. 

Munich is one of Germany’s popular tourist cities and large metropolises. The city has an extensive and well-working public transport system. Said system consists of buses, trains, and metro lines. It features transport links that work at night and during the day. There are also links to other cities in Germany and on the continent. Travelling times within the city can vary from 15 to 90 minutes.

Munich is a large metropolis with ample accommodation and dining options. This allows you to choose a suitable resting and dining location based on your needs and budget. For example, the city has hotels, apartments, and hostels in Isavorstadt and Haidhausen. Likewise, said areas also contain plentiful guest houses and private rooms. Dining options you can choose from include bars, restaurants, and clubs. 

Audience and Statistics

Expo Real is among the high-profile events with a high level of attendance. For example, the 2018 edition received 2095 exhibitors and 44,536 visitors. The edition included 1000 media representatives as well. Among the countries that attend are the USA, China, Switzerland, UK, Malta, Italy, and Russia. Several industries attend the fair. The 3 main ones are the banking, investments, and real estate sectors. Yet, the fair also attracts the services, retail, education, IT, hospitality, and logistics sectors. 

Past Editions 

2021 Edition

The 2021 edition of Expo Real marked the successful restart of the European real estate industry. It received 1.198 exhibitors and 19,200 participants from 52 countries. The edition took place as a hybrid event, with the in-person part of the fair taking place at Messe Munich. The in-person aspect of the trade show featured strict COVID-19 prevention measures, including social distancing and presenting health certificates at the entrances. The edition was considered successful.

2022 Edition

The 2022 hybrid edition of Expo Real took place between 04.10.2022 and 06.10.2022. It comprised a face-to-face trade fair and a digital platform. The event received 1,887 exhibitors from 33 countries and around 40,000 visitors from 73 nations. The face-to-face aspect did not incorporate Covid-19 safety measures due to the removal of the related domestic restrictions.


exhibitors from 41 countries


sq m of exhibition area


visitors from 72 countries


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