COUNTRY: Germany
CITY: Stuttgart

Upcoming Dates

As manufacturing continues to rely on automation and production process grow complicated all the more, Control is here to shed light on the next generation of quality assurance tools, services and technologies available. The international trade fair takes the stage in Stuttgart, Germany with the participation of nearly 900 exhibitors. When is this taking place? Activities kick off on May 7th and the official closing ceremony is on May 10th. No better time that today to get your hotel booking online. Travel 2 Fairs ltd is the place where you find business travel solutions tailored to your company’s unique needs.

You can be browsing the top offers for hotels for Control as early as tomorrow. That is how efficient Travel 2 Fairs ltd is when we work for you. You don’t have to do much than set your ideal budget and tell us how many people are arriving for the exhibition. We handle the rest and secure you incredible savings. This exhibition is a launch pad for exciting innovations for all the sectors in quality assurance – measuring technology, material testing, analytical apparatus,QA systems and optoelectronics. The support program is also quite impressive and valuable. The DGQ workshops are definite highlight!