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China is among the leading and central countries of the Asian and global home and lifestyle industries. This is because of the state’s highly comprehensive and high-valued industry-related sector. It comprises more than 1 220 000 companies that employ over 169 300 specialists. They vary from small and medium-sized enterprises to extensive, time-honoured corporations. This results in the production of high annual revenues. For example, in recent years, the lifestyle market of China has reached a yearly turnover of up to 17 450 000 000 CNY. Also, it is expected to continue its growth in the upcoming years. For example, it is anticipated to develop at a compound annual growth rate or CAGR of 6.88% in the forthcoming period. This is due to several leading causes. Among them is the industry’s chief focus on researching and developing innovations as part of its business goals. This is due to such a prioritisation allowing it to adapt to the latest challenges and consumer needs. Examples include increased sustainability, accessibility, new lifestyles, et cetera. Generally, the Chinese lifestyle industry displays its latest innovations during trade expos. It includes annual events hosted in diverse cities. They attract hundreds of thousands of attendees from various countries and continents.