(28 November 2024 - 1 December 2024 )
Location: Germany, Berlin
Organizer: Messe Berlin

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BOOT & FUN BERLIN 2024 will occur in Messe Berlin between 28.11-01.12.2024. The event will be hosted as a live trade fair without strict 3G safety conditions. This is because Germany has repealed its pandemic restrictions.

Calling Card

BOAT & FUN BERLIN is among the top-tier European and global boating exhibitions for inland and coastal water sports. It is an excellent place for exhibitors to do good business and generate early sales for their newest products. The international trade fair is held annually towards the end of November. Even during the pandemic, BOAT & FUN BERLIN has shown it is not going anywhere. This signifies that the trade fair is a stable platform for selling directly to target customers. Now BOAT & FUN BERLIN has also launched an online platform. 

Business Potential

BOOT & FUN BERLIN has every single major product category covered. The exhibition centre features the following thematic zones: 

  • Sailing; 
  • Motorboats and yachts; 
  • Houseboats; 
  • Fun-Sport; 
  • Angling; 
  • Aludock; 
  • Classics & Refit; 
  • Equipment; 
  • Water Tourism; 
  • Secondhand boats; 
  • E-Boats; 
  • Canoes & Kayaks; 
  • Transporters. 

The brands found at the fair include MaRe Boote, Marina Zehdenick, G. Krüger & M. Till, Alveus Bootsbau, ALUDOCK and Alpha Ribs. The audience primarily comprises the public, who want to look into equipment, boats, water sports and tourist activities. BOOT & FUN BERLIN, as a result, is the place to connect with your target audience. This includes whether they are water sports enthusiasts, professionals, or hobbyists. Do you want to sell your boat? BOOT & FUN BERLIN features Germany's most extensive indoor used boat market.

Did You Know?

BOOT & FUN BERLIN runs along complementary events like ANGLER WORLD BERLIN and TRANSPORTER TAGE BERLIN. There is much to do and see, including enjoying fine cuisine. The trade fair is known for looking into technological innovation. Currently, the most frequently discussed topic is the concept of electric boats. There is displayed at the E-Boot section meant to explore all the advances made in electromobility. The reception has been great so far. As part of the GALA-NIGHT OF BOATS, you can experience a night to remember with exciting acts and artists. The event is for the water sports community. Each gala night has its theme, such as "James Bond - Licence to Boat".

Your Hotel Room in Berlin

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Past Iterations


BOOT & FUN BERLIN 2021 occurred between 11.11.2021 and 14.11.2021 as a face-to-face trade show. The event was held in Messe Berlin. The hosting venue featured the latest Covid-19 safety precautions, including mandatory face masks. BOOT & FUN BERLIN 2021 received around 700 exhibitors and signalled the successful restart of the event.


The 2022 iteration of the event occurred between the 24th and 27th of November 2022 in Messe Berlin. The event site did not include coronavirus safeguards because Germany countermanded its pandemic restrictions. BOOT & FUN BERLIN 2022 featured over 800 exhibiting firms and more than 48 000 visitants on approximately 85 000 m2.


The 2023 iteration of BOOT & FUN BERLIN was held between 30.11-03.12.2023. It occurred without featuring coronavirus precautions similar to the 2022 format. The iteration featured approximately 360 exhibiting firms.  







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