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At the heart of ARCO lie the 13 established galleries of international renown that have come together to celebrate and influence contemporary art in a lasting way. The international trade fair is seated in Spain. In attendance you have notable collectors, curators and artists. Attending has a direct impact on your credibility so it’s best you get started on your business travel arrangements. Book hotels close to the IFEMA without putting strain on your budget with the expertise of Travel 2 Fairs ltd.

With Travel 2 Fairs ltd, bookings for international trade shows are no longer tiresome to make or expensive. Our service tailors accommodation to your specific budget. You tell us how much you are willing to pay, how many rooms you wish and where in Madrid you want to stay. Whether it’s close to the exhibition centre or in a residential area, your hotel has access to convenient transport connections. ARCO not only showcases exclusive art pieces and profiles artists, but also has involved forums, professional meetings and several award ceremonies. Become part of the major taste makers and do it in style with Travel 2 Fairs ltd!