Upcoming Dates

!!! Important !!! The 2020 edition of Arabian Travel Market has been officially cancelled by the organisers due to coronavirus. 

Do you happen to have the perfect travel package service that you think will make a killing on the market in the Middle East? Or perhaps you’re based in the Middle East and want to foster stronger connections to regions in Europe, Asia, the Americas and Africa? Then Arabian Travel Market is where you should head to next. The international trade show is based in Dubai, UAE and arrives every year at the end of April to facilitate business negotiations and professional exchange of know-how within the travel industry. Within the exhibition halls of the Dubai World Trade Centre, over 28,000 trade visitors discover the hottest travel destinations, emerging airline routes and the best accommodation available worldwide.

  • Arabian Travel Market receives direct sponsorship from the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing and always receives visitors from the upper echelons of society;
  • Editions are organised over a single central theme, which changes every year and in 2020, it will be ‘Events for Tourism Growth’;
  • One of the programming highlights is the Travel Forward Conference, which is free to attend and gives practical advice to attendees on current challenges. The format is a mix of panel sessions, interviews and direct presentations.

Once you’ve decided you’ll be exhibiting at Arabian Travel Market, you must start planning your business trip and the first step is to secure your accommodation in Dubai. Travel 2 Fairs ltd gives you the comprehensive care that you need to feel secure on your way to the Emirates. We secure rental cars for our guests and can also arrange airport transfers upon arrival as well as departure. But where we excel is in making hotel reservations for Arabian Travel Market within your ideal price range. All you have to do is give us a budget and you can expect results the next day. It’s that quick.