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( 4 June 2023 - 7 June 2023 )
Location: Germany , Köln
Organizer: Koelnmesse GmbH

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Covid-19 Update

Due to the latest challenges caused by the Omicron strain, Imm Cologne 2023 has been postponed. Koelnmesse GmbH's executive board and the VDM have opted for such a difficult decision after extensive discussions. The latest edition of the leading furnishing show for the interior industry will take place between 04.06.2023 and 07.06.2023. The event will occur as a live exhibition at Messe Cologne and will not have strict Covid-19 prevention measures in place. This is due to the removal of the country's domestic restrictions. Currently, germany does not have travel limitations in place.

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Founded in 1949, Imm Cologne is the leading furnishing show for the interior industry. It is the show that presents the newest international interior and furniture trends. This helps professionals working in the interior industry gain valuable insights. The show furthermore includes days when it opens to the public. This permits exhibitors to showcase their latest products to end-consumers. The fair is among the leading events for Cologne and takes place at one of the city’s leading venues, Messe Cologne. 

Business Profile of the Event

Imm Cologne is the meeting hub for lighting, furniture and interior design professionals. This includes international suppliers of living room, bathroom, and bedroom furniture. It also features suppliers of home textiles, wall & floor coverings, and lighting. Providers of bathroom fittings and fixtures likewise attend. Professionals who supply contract business furnishing products also attend the fair. So do furniture/furnishing specialist traders. Specialist bed retailers, interior designers, architects, and building planners additionally attend. Carpenters and interior decorators likewise visit the fair. The fair is the meeting location for many global retail chains and young designers. One of the leading companies that visit the fair is Christine Kröncke Interior Design GmbH.

What is New for Imm Cologne 2023?

Imm 2023 will include an interesting blend of new and established formats. One of the leading new formats will be the Pure Platforms found in Hall 11. Pure Platforms is a concise format showcasing new appealing lifestyle brands. Pure Platforms will feature presentation spaces ranging from 10 to 20,25 m2. The format will gather in one location a broad range of interior design brands. Each of them is a young company or first-time exhibitor. Each presentation space will feature slender black metal structures. The structures will have access to lighting, electrical connections, and integrated storage space. 

The Das Haus event will also receive a new addition in the form of a focus topic. The topic will be “Visions of home for today”. The format will feature an apartment house with examples of new urban living options. The exhibition will feature former Das Haus designers Luca Nichetto and Sebastian Herkner. It will also include Stefan Diez showing his vision in Future Kitchen. The exhibition will feature two more branded apartments. 

Another focus topic will be “Urban Living Concept for long or short stay apartments”. Homes play an important part in everyday life. They encompass the need to retreat and socialise through home working and entertainment. Yet, incorporating the home office into traditional living areas can be challenging. So are developing models for “new ways of living” that can solve urban densification. 

Did You Know? 

Imm Cologne is the leading platform for interior industry specialists. It is the trade show that helps them network and make important purchases. It additionally provides opportunities to gain recognition and form new connections. Many specialists attend the fair to gain inspiration or expand their specialist knowledge.

Imm Cologne has a diverse support programme. This includes an extensive exhibition divided into 3 areas. The areas are Interior World Home, Interior World Connect and Pure Atmospheres. Interior World Home showcases a comprehensive variety of innovative comfort and style solutions. Pure Atmospheres focuses on showing creative concepts for all kinds of interiors. Interior World Connect is a recent addition inspired by the Smart Village event. The new theme supplements Smart Village by adding interactive workshop platforms. This allows attendees to experience and discuss digitalisation potentials. Each area has subzones to make navigating easier. 

For example, the Interior World Home has 3 subzones: Home Scenes, Home Sleep and Home Settings. Home Scenes showcases over 100 ideas and inspirations for lifestyle-oriented interiors. This includes bed and living room furniture, shelving systems and others. This allows visitors to gain a detailed overview of the latest trends for these home areas. The subzone includes extensive product ranges from leading interior and furniture design labels. It also showcases solutions for various living area challenges. Among them is optimising small spaces. 

Home Settings shows the latest innovations in young lifestyle and ready-to-go furniture. The area is the showing location for furnishing created via large-scale production methods. This allows consumers to examine original furniture that offers high functionality. Often, the zone also included products sold via e-commerce. Like Home Scenes, this subzone showcases entire ranges of products using modern materials. Home Sleep is the zone dedicated to the bedroom and its main function: resting and sleeping. The subzone presents an extensive range of mattresses, sleep systems, and beds. It also shows the latest trends in decorative bedding and accessories.

Pure Atmosphere is among the leading exhibition sections of Imm Cologne. It is the platform for presenting high-end brands that create upscale interior concepts. Each brand showcased in this zone has a booth that encompasses a world of experience. Like Interior World Home, Pure Atmosphere also has several subzones. These include Pure editions, Pure Architects, and the Pure Platforms. 

Pure editions is where attendees can examine visionary interior design concepts. It showcases the visionary products of creative brands, both established and new. The zone resembles a design gallery, with each brand having its own space. Each booth is accessible from three sides. This allows attendees to examine each exhibit from different angles. 

Pure Architects is the subzone for the bathroom and Smart Home interior concepts. It allows architects, interior designers and consumers to observe new building sector developments. This applies the most to the market styles related to colours and materials. The zone shows innovations for the bathroom, surfaces, wall, and floor design. Visitors can also find networked living solutions that are modern and creative. Exhibitors display in one hall, with the exhibits creating a unique atmosphere. 

Pure Architects has 5 sections. These are the Bathroom, Wall & Floor, Smart Village, Building Technology, and Light. The Bathroom section showcases the latest products and innovations for the bathroom. Wall & Floor shows the latest innovations for all elements such as flooring and others. Smart Village shows how the latest technologies impact living space design. It also shows how interior designers respond to the changes. Building Technology showcases the latest building technology innovations. Furthermore, the area shows how easy it is to control applications. Attendees can additionally examine the requirements buildings must meet. Light showcases mood and function innovations in lighting. It also shows lighting designs via architectural lighting systems. There is a technical lighting platform within the section. The platform focuses on smart homes, digitalisation, and networking innovations.

Pure Platforms is a rather recent addition to Pure Atmospheres. It is the showcasing zone for young designers and first-time exhibitors. It features extensive interior design exhibitions in dedicated booths. Each booth is accessible from at least 2 sides. 

Imm Cologne also features events such as Das Haus and the Pure Talents Contest. The Pure Talents Contest is an important design competition for aspiring designers. It allows them to gain recognition by showcasing their design talent. Each nominee can present several pieces of furniture for examination before a jury. The jury examines each piece and grades based on 5 criteria. These are: 

  • Design originality
  • General concept
  • Visionary and conceptual quality
  • Usability/functionality
  • Sustainability/quality of form and presentation 

Winners gain an opportunity to have their designs featured in the leading collections. 

Another event of interest is the Design Fest. It is a shopping market where young designers can show innovative interior designs. There is also the Das Haus Event. This is a dedicated showcase zone where leading designers show interior building designs. Often, the event has topics such as Das Apartment and others. 

Imm Cologne is an international trade show that can be of great help to professionals such as:

  • International suppliers of:
    • living room, bedroom, and bathroom furniture, 
    • mattresses and sleep systems.
    • Home textiles
    • wall and floor coverings
    • lighting
    • accessories 
    • bathroom fixtures and fittings
  • Suppliers of contract business furnishing products
  • Furniture and furnishing specialist traders
  • Specialist bed retailers
  • Interior designers and decorators 
  • Architects 
  • Designers 
  • Planners 
  • Joiners 
  • Carpenters

Start-ups and young designers can look forward to quite a few events in Imm Cologne’s programme. Among them are the Pure Talent Contest, the Design Fest, and the Pure Platforms. 

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Imm Cologne is an annual trade show that takes place for 7 days at Messe Cologne. Koelnmesse GmbH organises the event. the fair has different opening hours for exhibitors and visitors. Visitors of the show can attend between 9 am and 6 pm for the first 5 days and between 10 am and 6 pm for the sixth. On the final day of the fair, visitors can enter the trade show between 10 am and 5 pm. Exhibitors of the fair can attend between 8 am and 7 pm for the first 5 days of the event. The 6th day of the trade show allows exhibitors to visit between 9 am and 7 pm. They can also attend between 9 am and 6 pm on the last day. 

Reaching Messe Cologne is easy due to its public transport lines that connect it to the city. For example, you can reach the venue from Cologne-Bonn Airport in 21 minutes by metro. Likewise, the journey from the central railway station to the messe would take 11 minutes by bus. 

Cologne is among Germany’s large metropolises and tourist cities. It has a well-working public transport system consisting of bus, train, and metro lines. The public transport network links all city districts. Reaching from one district to the other is time-saving in many instances. For example, you will reach the Cologne-Bonn airport in 15 by bus or metro from the city centre. Likewise, the distance between the Old City and Hohenberg districts is 30 minutes by bus. 

Cologne provides a wide range of accommodation and dining options. These include hostels, apartments, hotels, and guest houses. Eateries feature bistros, bars, clubs, restaurants, supermarkets and others. There are several districts that you should consider resting and dining in. These include Deutz, the Old town and the Belgian Quarter.

Audience and Statistics

Imm Cologne is a trade show that attracts over 130000 attendees from 139 countries. For example, the 2020 edition of the fair received 1233 exhibitors and 129451 trade visitors. Trade delegates at the fair represent several industries. Among them are the lighting, furniture, and interior design sectors. The construction industry also attends the fair as does the retail sector. Visitors to the fair come from Europe, North and South America, Asia, and Africa. This includes countries such as Egypt, the USA, Germany, China, and Spain. It additionally features nations such as Brazil, Croatia, the UAE, and Thailand.




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