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(18 April 2023 - 21 April 2023 )
Venue: Palexpo
Location: Switzerland , Genève
Organizer: Edana

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INDEX™23 will take place between the 18th and 21st of April 2023. The event will be in a face-to-face format. INDEX will take place at Palexpo without a stringent Covid-19 safety plan in place. This is due to the removal of the country's pandemic-related restrictions.

Calling Card

INDEX™20 will have a comprehensive digital platform complementing the in-person exhibition. The digital platform allows over 14000 attendants to access the event from afar. The platform will feature live and on-demand product information, and support programme access. It will furthermore provide attendees with networking opportunities through its data-driven matchmaking facility. It takes place every 3 years at Palexpo in Geneva and is among the leading events for the city.

Business Profile of the Event

INDEX is the meeting location for the non-woven sector and its related industries. It is where professionals such as machine operators, technicians, and chemists gather. It is also where visitors can meet textile industry specialists, such as manufacturers. Transport, civil engineering, and packaging specialists such as suppliers additionally attend. This is due to the importance of nonwovens to these industries. Many medical and agricultural specialists visit INDEX. So do automotive and construction professionals, such as contractors or technicians. Specialists working in the filtration and hygiene sectors likewise visit the fair. INDEX is the meeting location for notable companies such as Accusentry.

Did You Know? 

INDEX is a fair that can help professionals in expanding their business. For example, it can provide them with opportunities to network with leading decision-makers. It can also help them in gaining insight into new trends. Additionally, the fair acts as a platform for showcasing and buying new products. It is furthermore the location for meeting senior executives and increasing brand awareness. 

INDEX can help professionals in completing such goals through its support programme. This includes a comprehensive exhibition used to present the latest innovations. The exhibition has 6 sectors to make finding solutions easier. These are Filtration, Medical: Infection Prevention, Geotextiles and Civil Engineering. The other 3 sectors are Transportation, Packaging, Hygiene, and Cleaning. 

Besides the exhibition, INDEX incorporates events such as the Exhibitor Product Presentations. During the presentations, professional companies and specialists present their latest products and services. Attending the presentations is free of charge. They additionally allow them to gain insight into vital new directions for nonwovens. 

Similar in intent is the Innovation Lab, which showcases the advantages of nonwovens. The area features various sub-events such as exhibits, poster presentations and seminars. There are also non-woven tutorials and testing machines. The posters will show the latest research projects undertaken by undergraduates or post-graduates. This can be of help to aspiring young talents seeking to gain recognition. The experiments and testing equipment demonstrations will showcase various manufacturing machines and nonwovens. This allows newcomers and returning visitors to observe potential new purchases. There will be a section showing the everyday life applications of nonwovens. Among them will be medical/hygiene products and automotive/transportation uses. It will furthermore show the applications in construction, agriculture and in food & beverages. Visitors can also observe the uses of the materials in packaging, apparel, and home items. 

Innovation Lab is the location of the INDEX Innovation Awards. The Innovation Awards are among the main events of the fair’s support programme. It is the event that provides start-ups and leading companies with recognition. The Award acknowledges the innovative, sustainable, and creative excellence of non-woven products. The Award consists of 7 categories. These are non-woven roll goods, innovation in machinery, and sustainable products. Other categories feature sustainable or management processes. One of the categories is innovations in raw materials or components. Nominees can furthermore compete in finished products made from or incorporating nonwovens. The final category is the achievement for the most original marketing campaign. 

INDEX additionally provides a large variety of sector seminars. During these seminars, professionals gain valuable insight into different industry challenges. The seminars include nonwovens & sustainability, infection prevention, filtration, smart nonwovens, and transportation. They also feature geosynthetics & environment. The nonwovens & sustainability seminar consists of a series of presentations. During the speeches, lecturers will present the latest data on non-woven filtration application challenges. The presentations furthermore include information about the solutions companies have developed. 

The seminar on infection prevention will address issues related to infection transmission. During the lectures, leading medical scientists will provide information about their research. The smart nonwovens' seminar discusses the potentials of such materials. Among these potentials are possible new areas of high-performance, such as bio-based electronics. 

The transportation seminar often focuses on a central theme, such as ‘How soon is the future? E-Mobility and the rate of transition’. The presentation consists of discussions hosted by a varied group of speakers. Among them are company owners, scientists, and others. The seminar session concludes with a round table session. During the discussion, leading figures examine innovations and their potential effects. The geosynthetics & environment sector features speakers from the field of geosynthetics. It is the seminar for presenting information on how nonwovens can affect sustainability. 

INDEX is an international fair that can help professionals working in several industries. Among them are the textile and construction industries. It is additionally an event worth visiting by machine operators and QAs. So should product managers, retail agents, automotive and medical professionals. Transport and packaging professionals ought to consider attending to learn about new applications. Agricultural specialists should visit as well. Likewise, the fair can help apparel professionals and civil engineers. Non-woven producers, converters, raw material suppliers and machinery manufacturers should opt to exhibit. 

Start-ups, aspiring professionals, and students can look forward to several events. Among them are the Innovation Lab and Innovation Award. The sector seminars and the exhibitor presentations are worth visiting as well. 

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INDEX is an exhibition hosted for four days at Palexpo and organised by Palexpo SA and EDANA. The event takes place every three years. Visitors of the fair can attend between 9 am and 6 pm for the first three days and between 9 am and 4 pm on the last. 

Palexpo is an international event venue with a convenient location. It is easy to reach from different city areas, such as the international airport. For example, the event location is a 25-minute bus journey from the city centre. Likewise, the city’s central railway station is 15 minutes from the exhibition centre. When travelling from Geneva Airport to the venue on foot, the journey would take you 15 minutes. 

Geneva is a metropolis that is easy to navigate and travel in because of its public transport system. Geneva’s public transport system includes regular trams, ferries, buses, and taxis. Geneva has several railway stations. Among them, Gare Cornavin is the largest and most frequented. The stations allow reaching other cities such as Basel or Milan. Travelling times between the different districts of the city tends to be time-saving. For example, from Geneva Airport to the city centre, the commute takes 6 minutes. 

There are many dining and accommodation options in Geneva. For example, you can select to rest at a hotel, hostel, apartment, or guest house. Geneva has over 100 hotels and over 100 restaurants. When considering accommodation, opt for areas such as Paquis or Plainpalais. 

Audience and Statistics

INDEX is a high-profile event that attracts over 10000 attendants. For example, the 2017 edition had over 660 exhibitors and over 12750 visitors. The fair attracts visitors from countries such as China, Japan, Germany, and the USA. Nations such as India, Turkey, Belgium, and Israel also attend. Many industries and sectors visit INDEX. Among them are the textiles, fabrics, and clothing machinery industries. Visitors additionally include the medical, construction, transport, packaging, and automotive sectors. The agriculture, food & beverages and hygiene products industries likewise visit the fair. 

Past Editions


Between the 19th of October and the 22nd of October 2021, the first hybrid edition of INDEX took place. The edition featured more than 500 exhibitors as well as more than 9300 visitor entries on-site. The event additionally received more than 1000 visitors on the digital platform that complemented the live exhibition at Palexpo. According to exhibitors, the edition was a resounding success with many stating that their expectations have been exceeded by organisers.


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