Upcoming Gaming Trade Fairs The Complete list

19 Aug 2022

Introduction to Must-Attend Gaming Trade Fairs

Participating in gaming trade fairs can be beneficial for the gaming industry. It can aid members in completing various goals, including gaining recognition. Yet, determining which event is worth attending can be challenging. There are several means of reducing the challenging aspect. Among them is learning about the available fairs. Here are some upcoming trade fairs worth attending and brief information about them.

Gamescon in Germany

Gamescon is one of the central trade fairs for the video game industry. It is an annual event held in August. The event frequently receives more than 370,000 participants from six continents, which often sets high expectations. This applies to the upcoming gamescon 2022. Attendees can learn about the latest video games from leading exhibitors like Google, Microsoft, and Epic Games International. This includes attending lectures held by leading creators responsible for games like Skyrim.

Image: Gamescom

Kind + Jugend in Germany

Another must-attend trade fair related to the gaming industry is Kind + Jugend. It is an annual trade show that places a prime focus on babies, toddlers, and children. Kind + Jugend presents wares such as fashion, toys, care products and safety. It is held in September at Messe Cologne and receives over 20,000 participants. Of particular interest should be Electronic & acoustic toys and games for children/multimedia. The Outdoor toys and accessories, Dolls, and Wooden Toys segments should likewise be considered. These are the categories where participants can meet lead exhibitors, such as ABC Design, Doudou et Compagnie, and Motorola.

Image: Kind + Jugend

SPIEL in Germany

SPIEL is an annual event that takes place every October at Messe Essen. It is a must-attend for professionals and companies that present digital games, card games, adults, and board games. It is an international event that receives over 1,200 exhibitors and 200,000 visitors. This includes leading markets such as Asia, North America, Europe, and others. It is the location for presenting new releases ranging from ATIWA and Dreamquest to Scotland Yard - Sherlock Holmes Edition. These are presented by various lead exhibitors, such as Ravensburger, Space Cow, and Lookout Spiele.

Image: SPIEL

China Toy Expo in China

The China Toy Expo in Shanghai is Asia's largest trade show for education products, baby products and toys. It has turnouts of over 66,000 participants. Held annually in Shanghai in October, the event attracts diverse participants. Such include OBM/OEM/ODM manufacturers. This features leading exhibitors, such as Longxiang Toys Industry and Yuxin Toys.

BABY EXPO in Austria

Baby Expo is the largest baby-oriented trade fair in Austria and a must-attend for professionals such as retailers and distributors. They present products such as toys, games, and sporting accessories. It is held annually in Vienna for three days during various hosting months, such as May, June, or October. Baby Expo often features over 20,000 participants. These include lead exhibitors such as HOFER, BabyOne, Gutwein, ÖAMTC, and Positive Birth.